Export Proxy Addresses


ST Proxy Switcher  v.3.0.53

ST Proxy Switcher is a handy and reliable application build to enable users to easily change and manage proxy addresses. The application relies on a comprehensive proxy list that can be downloaded in just a few minutes, so that you will receive thousands ...

Super Proxy Helper

Super Proxy Helper will help you to check proxy,find anonymous,free or fastest proxy,check of proxy status,response time,country,proxy type (Transparent, Anonymous or High anonymity),import and export proxy,download proxy lists from web.Change your proxy ...


Extract Email Addresses from Outlook

Extract Email Addresses is a powerful and easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook Add-In for extracting email addresses from email messages, contact items and distribution lists in Microsoft Outlook folders and mailboxes. The extracted email addresses can be exported ...

ContactGenie GalPort  v.1.0.2

Quick, simple, and easy-to-use export utility to export MS Exchange GAL users, contacts and Global Distribution Group members. ContactGenie GalPort will help you export your Microsoft Exchange Global Address list. It also allows you to export the global ...

Super Email Extractor  v.6.25

Super Email Extractor is an email extractor, is designed to harvest e-mail addresses and user names from web sites using the HTTP protocol. Super Email Extractor does not depend upon any additional software the way many email extractors depend on Internet ...

SuperMailer  v.

The program also allows to check if the addresses contained in the list are valid. You can define which words in a response will the program use to subscribe or unsuscribe an address. Then, you can create the email, including the field names from the ...

Professional Extract MailToS  v.2.0.0

The application Professional Extract MailToS extracts all e-mail addresses from the application MS Outlook. All e-mails can be used as a source pool and can be located on any place. In the 1st step you extract all e-mail addresses into a list box: - -Only ...

Happy Browser  v.1.0.4

Find anonymous,free or fastest proxy,check of proxy status,response time,country,proxy type (Transparent, Anonymous or High anonymity),import and export proxy,download proxy lists from web,IP to country and show my IP,surf the web anonymously,block AD,view ...

C2TN  v.1 11

0 Extension)
- 100% desktop integrated into the taskbar (system tray)
- Direct-to-Desktop-Alert technique
- Scheduler for automatic refreshing of feeds with feed-specified refresh intervals
- Flexible filter configuration for news
- Per feed configurable alerts of new news (ticker, popups, balloon help, sound)
- OPML import and export
- Proxy server support

Aella Mass Emailer  v.2.0

From handy hints and tips right through to e-mail templates and simple to use scripts to capture your subscribers email addresses on your website. We can even host these lists for you!

Marketing software for people who get results!
Aella ...

GYC Automator  v.3.0

Salient Features
- Automates process of creating Gmail, Yahoo! and Craigslist accounts
- Allow you to create only Gmail, only Yahoo! or only Craigslist account
- Auto activate Craigslist account for Gmail
- Auto activate Craigslist account for Yahoo!
- Automatically set Gmail forwarding, POP3
- Automatically create Gmail FILTERS
- Automatically set Vacation responder
- Uses keywords, tokens to look signup data more realistic and avoide getting flagged
- Single click login to Gmail, Yahoo! or Craigslist accounts
- Works with secured and anonymous proxies
- Allow to customize almost every field of signup forms
- Import and Export to and from CSV ...

MARS (Membership and Activity Record System)  v.3.19

Duplicated addresses can also be eliminated when you want to send just one mailing piece per household.Email
1. Send emails to individuals or in bulk - MARS's integrated SMTP client lets you send multiple emails with one click, and each email is ...

Mail Sender Express Professional  v.3.0

You can import and export email addresses and previously composed messages from Outlook into the email sender; this is especially useful for a targeted customer email list. This is very handy for sending newsletters, targeted marketing, and mailing clients.

Email Grabber  v.2.06-b117

e-mail Grabber will crawl the web site and collect all email addresses it finds.
Specify the web sites you want to visit to allow e-mail Grabber to stay on top of your goal or block web sites you don't want it to visit.
Automatically extract ...

Addza Address Book  v.1.0.7

Following are many key functions and benefits of this personal info manager, including:Addza Address Book allows us to import addresses from Outlook. We can get started instantly by importing addresses from our Microsoft Outlook or any other email client.

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