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Mail Sender Express Professional  v.3.0

Organize large Email marketing mailing lists in groups for manageability with Mail Sender Express Pro, a professional Email newsletter sender.

Emailsmartz Email Sender  v.2.0

E-mail Sender (Basic Edition) is a professional, high-speed, targeted email sending software for advertising, targeted newsletter marketing, and keeping in touch with clients.

Emailsmartz E-mail Generator  v.1.01

Email Generator program is designed to directly search Email addresses from mail servers. The E-mail Generator generates email ids on the basis of user names that you specify, which It can verify on the mail server.

Email Sender Pro  v.2.0

This high-speed mailing program handles the sending of information to a large number of recipients. The software lets you create and manage mailing lists, offers a built-in unsubscribe facility, schedules start times for e-campaigns,

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