Employees Schedule Script


Auto Employee Schedule  v.1. 8. 2008

Are you cost a heap of time to schedule your employee, It is boring.
But now forget this, there is a easier and quicker way to schedule your employees.
Just click a button, the software will auto fill, rearrange you schedule.
You can adjust ...

ABS Customer Appointment Manager  v.6.0.16

It allows you to view appointments by day, week or month, find open appointment times, schedule appointments, set appointment reminders, prevent double-bookings, fill cancellations and no-shows and import from QuickBooks. Export or print your appointment ...


ABS Staff Files  v.8.0

Staff Files users range from small, single-site operations to multi-national corporations tracking hundreds of employees at multiple locations.
View Customer ListAffordable
Manage employee information the easy way, at a price you can afford.

Backup&Synchronize Pro

Backup and synchronization definitions are saved into a script. The number of scripts is unlimited. Backup&Synchronize manages also meta scripts. Backup&Synchronize Compare function allows you to compare 2 folders, including zip files and FTP server.

PeaZip 64 bit  v.6.1.1

PeaZip for Windows 64 bit is a free ZIP software optimized for WIN64 systems.
The application is based on powerful and solid Open Source technology of 7-Zip for managing mainstream archive formats, and other great Open Source tools (like FreeARC, ...

Schedule Multiple Daily Tasks for Your Employees with Excel

The Multiple Daily Tasks Excel spreadsheet assigns multiple tasks to your employees for one week. This series of spreadsheets is very popular with home care businesses that send caregivers to several client homes each day. This spreadsheet can handle ...

Schedule Daily Shifts and Tasks for Your Employees with Excel

Employees can then be assigned to various daily tasks in 30 minute increments. The spreadsheet keeps track of your payroll budget based on employee wages and scheduled hours. This program is ideal for libraries and other applications where the staff ...

Schedule Crew Assignments for Your Employees

The CM-10-100 crew maker spreadsheet allows you to assign 100 employees to 10 daily jobs and is ideal for businesses that need to create job-specific work crews that may change from day-to-day. Up to 6 different employee categories and 8 different specialties ...

Schedule Rotating Shifts for Your Employees

Vacations and vacation shift assignments are easily assigned to your employees. The program includes 103 pre-defined 8, 10 and 12 hour shift schedules for your use. Available in sizes for up to 200 employees.

Schedule Complex Shifts for Your Employees

The spreadsheet produces individual schedules and comes in sizes for 25, 50 and 100 employees.

Schedule Split Shifts for Your Employees with Excel

Shift assignments are made from drop-down menus of qualified employees.

Schedule Split Shifts for 25 Employees  v.6 7

Shift assignments are made from drop-down menus of qualified employees. The spreadsheet can enforce age-related work rules and also keep track of your payroll budget based on employee wages and scheduled hours. It creates various schedules and calendars ...

Snap Schedule 2008 Employee Scheduling Software

Snap Schedule minimizes time spent on creating, publishing, and maintaining employee, shift, and rotation schedules. It generates work schedules for an unlimited number of employees and shifts based on demands, shift patterns, and employee availability.

Excel Employee Shift Schedule Template Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to create business managers who need to schedule employees. The spreadsheet this template produces runs from Monday to Sunday and is easily edited in Excel. Simply add employee names, add shift times, ...

Snap Schedule 2011  v.4.0.2

Snap Schedule 2011 is a comprehensive business management solution that allows you to organize your employees' working days including their shifts, vacations, leaves, etc. The program comes with a series of samples for different fields (restaurants, police ...

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