Edit Color Folders Xp


Magic Folders XP  v.4. 4. 2002

Magic Folders makes any folder you choose and all the files in that folder completely invisible to others, even on the network! Your invisible folders and files can't be deleted, viewed, modified, or run. For all practical purposes they don't exist. Use ...

Hide Folders XP

This folder hiding and protection software enables you to hide all the private information on your hard drive once and for all! Only a person who knows the password will be able to reveal hidden files and folders! Try it for FREE!


Logic 407: Producing With Folders  v.1.0

Did you know that you can record into Logic’s folders, edit with folders, mix with folders and even rearrange your tune with folders? You can! ... and David Earl (a.k.a. sflogicninja) shows you all of this and more in his maiden tutorial for macProVideo.

DW:Suite  v.Build 138

This software contains 6 tools that allows you to download, rotate, choose, edit, color profile, and print your photos.

ColorListEditor  v.1.0.4

ColorListEditor is a simple utility application that allows you to easily create and edit color lists. Color lists files have the extension ".clr". Modesitt Software.

Red Folders Desktop Organizer  v.1.0

Axel Benz Red Folders. How much time do you spend on your PC with navigation? If you think that it is too much, this desktop organizer will help you. This windows (XP/Vista/7) desktop utility gets you to the folders you are working in with one click.

Dr. Axel Benz Red Folders  v.1.0

Axel Benz Red Folders How much time do you spend on your PC with navigation? If you think that it is too much, this program will help you. Dr. Axel Benz Red Folders is a miracle ? it gets you to the folders you are working in with one click. Once the ...

IconXP  v.3.34

Aha-Soft IconXP allows you to edit all Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 icons and customize the Windows XP desktop appearance. It supports all icon formats used in Windows (smooth transparency and other visual effects). Using this program you can create and edit ...

FlyCryptor  v.2.0.10

FlyCryptor is a small application, which provides security to user's files, folders and removable drives. This program makes use of powerful encryption algorithms, which make files, folders and drives difficult to access. Encryption involves securing ...

ArcSoft Print Creations - Slimline  v.

Main Features:
- Dozens of professionally-designed slimline cards for all occasions, including holiday collections for Christmas and Hanukkah
- Download new card designs
- Add your own digital pictures and text
- Edit photos by adjusting ...

WorkStationOPtimizer  v.2.0

exe & other exe Errors
- Windows Operating System Problems
- Registry Errors
- DLL Errors
- Runtime Errors
- IExplore and System32 Errors
- System Crashes
- Slow PC Performance
- Chkdsk Issues
- Computer Freezing
- Internet Explorer Errors
- Javascript Errors
- Dr Watson Errors
- Hardware Malfunction
- Blue Screen
- Vista, XP, 2000, 98 and ME Issues
- ...

RegistryQuick  v.2.0

dll & all other DLL errors, Windows Installer problems, Slow PC performance, system crashes & computer freezes, runtime errors, start-up & application shutdown issues, Windows errors (XP, 2000, 98, & ME), registry errors & corrupted registry files, and ...

Easy Balloon ActiveX  v.2.0

), the title and the message, the background color, the font color, end more.

Perfect Widgets for Windows 8  v.1.5

Developers can adjust existing gauges in the visual designer: remove and add any gauge element, edit color, fill, size, position, font and other properties of the selected gauge element. Complicated gauge behavior is set in short scripts and bindings.

Aplus PDF Watermark Creator  v.

Utility allow you to change watermark property like edit color, resize image, position, font, style etc. You can set watermark on odd pages, even pages, first, last and all pages of PDF file. You can use text, image, , icon, signature, file name, company ...

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