Drum Pad Sampler


Drum Pad HQ  v.

Get the best quality drum pad (drums) for Windows Phone. Very simple and straightforward to use with a great octapad layout.

Soundplant  v.39.0

Use it as a performance, presentation, or sound design tool, as a drum pad, to mix together tracks in realtime, to create music or loops, or to trigger sound effects or background tracks during a show. Because it is a standalone 'software sampler' that ...


Drumkit  v.

A drum set with all pads of the drum player on your screen. Record while you tap and listen the beats after you finish hitting the screen.
Long press on a drum pad to reveal its subsets.
and what else? Just keep waiting for the update with much ...

DrumHead  v.

DrumHead, the electronic drum pad in your pocket with multiple drum kits to play, jam along or even rock with!


* 15 Drum Pads.
* 5 Drum Kits.
* 75 Individual Sounds.
* Vintage Kit.
* Electro Kit.
* Industrial ...

Vivid Drums  v.

A fun and colorful drum application for everyone. Be surprised and delighted with what we have packed into each drum pad. We have listened to you, and incorporated your feedback, download this new improved version now!

- 8 different ...

TouchDrums  v.

touchDrums is a simple drum pad app for Windows Phone.

Drum Keys  v.1.0

Limited time sale!Drum Keys turns your Mac's keyboard into a 61 instrument drum pad. This app is fun for the beginner as well as the seasoned drummer! This app makes it easy to quickly tap out a beat.Features:* Customize Key ...

DrumPads  v.2

DrumPads is a virtual drum kit for Windows that lets you play drum sounds using your mouse or touch screen. It has 12 playable drum pads and 100 different high-quality drum samples.

In addition to being playable using a mouse or touchscreen, ...

CheckBeat  v.3.1

CheckBeat is a virtual drum machine designed for quickly creating simple beats. It can be used like a fancy metronome and is handy when you need to create a backing beat for a drummer-less jam session.

Programming a beat is as simple as clicking ...

MixVibes HOME Edition  v.7.2

Thanks to the integrated 16 pad sampler, you will send samples, loops or full songs live. You can choose among the 500 loops included in the program (FX, R&B, Hip-hop, Scracth, ) or load directly your own samples from the explorer.7. 14 FX included
Bring ...

MainStage 2 101  v.2.2

The ultimate live rig• Perform live with 120 instrument and effect plug-ins or work with your Audio Units plug-ins• Import settings from Logic Pro and GarageBand to bring your studio sound to the stage• Combine instruments and live audio, such as keyboard and vocals, in a single patch• Seamlessly switch between patches without stopping sound output or cutting off held notes• Design rich keyboard patches using splits and layersHardware control• Connect your favorite hardware and use it to play and control your plug-ins • Use any USB and MIDI-equipped controllers like keyboards, foot pedals, and drum pads• Instantly ...

JamDeck  v.1.1.8

With JamDeck, it's easy to: Write short melodies and song stubs, capture musical ideas before they're gone, make beats and musical loops, record short vocal loops, external instruments, beatboxing, or drum beats from microphones and line ...

Beatcraft drum machine

Acoustica Beatcraft is an extremely powerful, easy to use drum machine software program for beginners and professionals alike! Its friendly, streamlined interface makes beat generation fast, while allowing your unlimited creativity to pour through. Beatcraft ...

AGUTA PAD Submitter

A tool for automatic registration of PAD files in shareware catalogues. Multithreaded execution provides high speed of form submitting. The application is shipped with the largest database of PAD catalogues (more than 500 URLs) and allows users to add ...

Subject Search Pad

Subject Search Pad (SSPad) is bundle of a text editor and a file classification utility, which allow you to edit, search in, categorize and find similar files being stored in multiple data storage formats. The current version of SSPad supports MS Word, ...

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