Dividing Mixed Fractions


Easy Funktion  v.6.07-1

In addition, mixed fractions are supported. Engineers notation consists of optional sign,digits (optional decimal separator), followed by multiplikator signs.In the function window, the functions to be calculated are enterred.A function consists of only ...

Calculator+  v.

Display formats:
- standard (including standard form when the numbers are large or close to zero)
- fractions (including improper and mixed fractions, just press the F→D key)
- degrees (displays an answer in degrees, arcminutes ...


Math Exercises  v.

The questions are grouped into specific math skills such as conversion of word form to number form for grade 1 students all the way to multiplication of 2 digit fractions for grade 4 students.
Each exercise set consists of 25 questions. The exercises ...

Fractions Practice  v.2.0.1

Fractions Practice is a utility for the teaching and learning of fractions and decimals. Capable of generating thousands of different sums for practice. Four different levels of difficulty on fractions cater for students at different stages of the topic.

Canadian Postal Code Mixed Case Database

The Canadian postal codes database includes Postal code, uppercase and mixed case city name, province name,
phone area code, timezone, elevation, population, latitude, longitude and street name in Canada. The complete
database contains over ...

US ZIP Code Database Mixed Case Edition

ZIPCodeWorld United States Gold Edition with Mixed Case City Name ZIP Codes Database includes 5-Digit ZIP
code, city name, alias name, state code, phone area code, city type, county name, FIPS, time zone, day light
saving flag, latitude, elevation, ...

Dividing Head Calculator  v.4.0.0060

Dividing Head Calculator is a simple program to help mechanical engineers and students.
Designed to help his father with the calculations to cut varying number of toothed wheels. All you need to do is enter a value for divisions and click the calculate ...

Mixed-Up Math  v.1.0

A mathematical puzzle where equations are all mixed up. One solution per puzzle. Find the correct equations to solve the puzzle. Equations run in various formats like boxes, crosses, diagonals, mazes. Equations go in all directions - follow the arrows.

Mixed fruit puzzle  v.1 5

please complete the Mixed fruit puzzle game.

Abilities Builder Add & Subtract Fractions  v.3 1

Peedy helps make the learning of fractions easier and fun. This program also generates printed worksheets and tests with accompanying answer sheets.

Mixed Media  v.2.0

Mixed Media plugin filter is designed to produce an artistic image that might have been produced using a combination of art materials such as pencils, paints, pastels, inks, etc. The simple to use, but feature-rich, controls let you create a large number ...

Fast Decimals to Fractions  v.1.0

Convert your decimals into fractions using this tool. Fast Decimals to Fractions is a downloadable JAVA version of Fast Decimals to Fractions, so you no longer need to log on to convert your decimals. Must have JAVA to run the .JAR file.Requirements:
* ...

Mixed Greens  v.

Different types of Mixed Greens.

Math Fractions  v.

This app is ideal for primary school kids to practice and learn about additions and subtraction of fractions.

Fractions consist of two numbers. The top number is called the numerator. The bottom number is called the denominator. To add two fractions ...

Mindforge Fractions  v.1.0

Mindforge Fractions is a program that introduces young students (ages 4-9years) to basic fraction concepts. Fractionsare brought to life with animation, music,sound effects and a cast of 3D characterscalled Instructrons. Students can choosetheir favorite ...

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