Different Colour



For fabrication of the paint of the necessary colour by mix of the paints different colour - need the knowledges and big experience. The Program "Paints" will calculate the composition of the paint for mix. The Program "Koller" will calculate more than ...

Nonogram Deluxe

The hints will tell you how a row or a column of colours will look like, and since different colour combinations can result in the same hint, you need to consolidate a number of hints before you can derive how the picture should look like. You ...


Tikkurila Colour Planner  v.6. 3. 2001

Trying different colour combinations is very easy! Tikkurila has introduced a web colouring program, with which you can colour digital pictures you have taken of your own house, cottage or flat.


BrickCol is a colour Tool to help LEGO collectors and customisers understand what the different colour names mean from site to site. It shows three different names, the RGB and CMYK colour value, as well as an example colour preview. (The previews accuracy ...

PhotoPlus  v.6.03

* Use blemish, patch, clone, scratch remover and other repair tools
* Correct black, white, and different colour levels for quality results
* Paint away damaged areas with simple and smart healing brushes
Fixing photos to a professional ...

Mandelbrot Quartz Composer Plugin  v.0.6a

- Fully animatable- Zooms in up to 1,000,000 x magnification- 5 different colour algorithms- Renders to an Image output port- Customisable size- Mandelbrot and Julia algorithms . Using Mandelbrot | qtzlcodex.com.


Also featured is WebStats for monitoring your connection remotely, statistics per session, day and month and ByteGuard, which lets you set alerts when a certain traffic limit is reached and a range of different colour themes to suit your desktop.

Circolar  v.1.0

You are required to get three segments, each of a different colour aligned correctly.

RGBLab 2005  v.12.0

You will have all the different colour codes for HTML, Visual Basic, Access, C , Delphi, .NET, and Java in one place. NEVER LOOK FOR THAT RGB COLOUR CODE AGAIN!

Pointter PHP Content Management System  v.1 2

The advanced design options provide the user to choose from 512 different colour templates and to edit the body background colour, body background image or to upload banner. SEO tools include editing the page titles, the page descriptions and the keyword ...

ESBTools for RAVE  v.1 2

Coloured Number DataText Component - This allows you a DataText that has the following abilities:
a) Set Different Colour of Values that are Positive and Negative.
b) Allow Blank when "Zero"
c) Change the "Zero" position via the ...

Gantt Chart Builder (Excel)  v.6.2.1

That is to say, if you like, each and every bar can be a different colour. Therefore, significant items can be highlighted to your audience. Resolution available is from 10 yearly down to hourly.Charts such as that depicted above can be constructed and ...

PE Detective  v.

When the scan is completed, already existing signatures are showed in collision groups and each signature has a different colour depending on how it collides with the other signature in its collision group. You can also delete from the same interface ...

Gantt Chart Builder (Access)  v.4.0.7

That is to say, if you like, each and every bar can be a different colour. Therefore, significant items can be highlighted to your report's audience.

KnowHowDB Professional Edition  v.4.1

All search terms are highlighted in a different colour in the text.
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files can be created without the need for additional software.
Data can be exported in different formats, enabling information to be exchanged with ...

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