Diagonal Line


Puzzle 5 stones mode 02

You need to build 5 stones on vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. Do not build five white stones. Collect 5 black stones in one line (vertical, horizontal or diagonal). Do not collect 5 white stones. A fun and relaxing 5 stones puzzle game. We promise ...

Puzzle 5 stones

You need to build 5 stones on vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. Do not build five white stones. Unlike the case of five stones on the second line in the corner, ... Even if the extra black stone is one line away, Black can still kill using the small.


Best Kakuro Demo  v.3. 7. 2001

The rules are easy to learn : A number above the diagonal line in a black square is the sum of the white squares to the right of it. A number below the diagonal line is the sum of the white squares in the sequence below it. For regular kakuro puzzles, ...

RowX  v.

You play with computer to see who can be the first to put 5 pieces in the same row/column/diagonal line on the board.The game provides an easy to use UI for you to play on windows phone. It also contains different playing styles for computer ...

Color Lines Extended Free  v.

The goal of this game is to align four or more the same color balls into horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. This game, compare to traditional Color Lines game, has:
- 4 different game modes
- 16 levels on each mode
- Awards system

In ...

Pandemic  v.

Pandemic is a puzzle game where you try to achieve a high score by matching 3 or more viruses in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line and creating combos to multiply your score.

The game has 2 different game modes. Pandemic Mode ...

Elementris  v.

You must align three or more tiles of the same elements in a row, column or diagonal line . You will get scores ! Try to get a best scores!

ColoBlox  v.1.0

Your goal is to put together at one verteical, horizontal or diagonal line the same colored blocks by three or more. After that they will disappear and your score will increases by some points. The possibility to change an order of the blocks in ...

BonusBall  v.

The aim of the game is to prevent the board from filling up by strategically aligning 5 objects of one color into a vertical, horizontal or a diagonal line which will instantly disappear. Game is easy to learn, adaptable to suit your skill level and ...

Mobile Lines  v.

When you put 5 or more balls with similar color in one line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) line of balls will be removed and you will get score points. Every time when ball is moving and no line is removed 3 new balls will be located at the field.

FreeSweetGames Reversi  v.3. 1. 1940

Red player must place a red piece on the board, in such a position that there exists at least one straight (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) line between the new piece and another red piece, with one or more contiguous blue pieces between them. After ...

Strategic Bingo  v.1.1.3

When a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line is formed by 5 circled numbers or 4 circled numbers and the star, you can click the button that appears on the right of screen to call "Bingo!" and receive 1 point. You can also choose to wait until 2 lines ...

Wuzi Chess  v.1.0

Amazing logic game! To win you have to put 5 items in vertical, gorizontal or diagonal line. Be careful!

Multiplayer Lineup Four  v.1.4.0

Challenge a friend in your favorite pastime during travel! Your goal in this game is to connect 4 of your color discs so that they form a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. You will be given a board consists of 42 empty spots, which are evenly divided ...

Super Blingo  v.3.0.1

It features graphical and audio feedback for vertical line, horizontal line, diagonal line, full card and coverall bonuses. The rollover mode reloads the bingo cards if the player achieves a coverall to allow them to continue scoring for that game. The ...

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