Delaware Sen Joe Biden


Gold Miner Joe Trial  v.1 1

Gold Miner Joe is a funny action game in which you have to explore the mine and collect as much gold as possible. The game includes four caves with twelve levels each, all more or less the same, with different levels of difficulty, and exciting bonus ...

Gold Miner Joe  v.2.0

Help Gold Miner Joe explore the legendary four-shafted gold mine in this cartoon-style jump n run game. Be careful and avoid the sneaky Kentucky brothers who won't hesitate to fire your rump full of salt. Gold Miner Joe - Advantages of the full version ...


Joe's 3-D Scavenger Hunt  v.32.0

Stroll along with Joe, Blue, and Mailbox, searching the neighborhood for lots of colorful items. Kids ages 3-6 can use their problem-solving and memory skills to help Joe follow the clues and find eggs, paints, a toy box, strawberries, and more. Find ...

Hey, Joe!  v.1.5

Portable Hey, Joe is a simple messaging utility, designed to send messages over Windows local networks and intranets. It consumes only a small portion of memory and resources, and is the ideal solution for people that only want to send messages or talk ...

Joe Galaxy.NET

Joe Galaxy.NET your Freedom Technologies Network. Designed for the regular "Joe", unhooking from the maintream Matrix. Meet a group of experts and business professionals in a special system that will show you how to keep more of your money, protect your ...

Ask Guru Joe

Sometimes they're insightful, sometimes a little sketchy, just don't swear - Guru Joe isn't fond of the foul tongued knowledge seeker.

Gelatin Joe  v.1.0

Gelatin Joe is a 2D platformer in which the player controls a blob of gelatin on his quest to save the world from desaturation. Joe will have to use his brains and blobs in order to solve puzzles and progress through levels to defeat the evil Billy Bob ...

Snowy Joe  v.1.0

Snowy Joe is a side scrolling platform puzzle game. It is intended as a free giveaway and should kill around 10 minutes of your time. The game has a winter theme and a nice 'cutesy' art style. It is comprised of a tutorial level along with 10 exciting ...

Delaware St. John - The Curse of  v.1 1

Delaware St. John - The Curse of Midnight Manor is an adventure game with a creepy theme. The game starts with a boring story of the main character, who can hear voices from the dead, and a long unskippable credit section. It offers two chapters to play ...

Delaware St. John - The Town with No  v.1 1

After uncovering the secrets of Midnight Manor, Delaware St. John and partner Kelly Bradford find themselves involved in a new mystery that proves to be darker and more sinister than the manor.
Deep in the woods of northern Maine, there lies a town.

Joe`s Farm  v.1 2

In the re-make everything happens on a small farm that belongs to Joe.

Game features:

100 unique, hand-crafted levels
Lively and diverse farm surroundings
Extra packs with additional levels
Soothing, relaxing music
Handy ...

Joe  v.1.1.8

Joe is a lightweight POP3 mail viewer and reader. With Joe one may view and delete mails of POP3 accounts. The intention was to be able to delete spam posts on the hosts before downloading them through a possibly slow internet connection. Joe is a Win32 ...

SchoolStuff at Delaware U  v.

SchoolStuff is part of a very simple series designed to provide students, faculty, and community members with a quick and easy method of accessing information.

Delaware University students will enjoy easy access to campus news, Facebook and Twitter ...

Ninja Joe classic  v.

Joe must find the 4 spheres to become a NINJA.
Use your skills to jump over the rooftops of the city, in a frenetic and dangerous race.
Easy to start playing, with 25 levels of adrenalin.

Chiquito Joe  v.

Help Chiquito Joe to collect all the money as possible.
Beware of the police, they will try to catch you and you'll end with your bones in jail.
Win all the points you can and share/compare your score with the global boards (coming soon).

****Update ...

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