Decimal To Hexadecimal


Decimal to Fraction  v.1 3

Microsoft Excel tool that calculates the fractional equivalent of a decimal value. Decimal to Fraction is easy to use. Just enter a decimal value in the windows form or use the custom Excel function. Works with Excel 2000 2002 2003 2007.

Hexer  v.1 21

A simple program which converts Decimal to Hexadecimal.This program is useful to those who need to create web-pages and need to convert color values . It may also prove useful to those working with hex-editors which dont have this little conversion facility.


X-Calculator  v.1.0

Decimal to hexadecimal fast and easy. X-Calculator is a tiny software for converting decimal numbers in hexadecimal,binary numbers.X-Calculator Featues:
1. convert decimal numbers in hex,binary numbers
2. convert hex,binary numbers in decimal ...

Hex Converter  v.1.0

Hex Converter helps you convert numeric value from decimal to hexadecimal representation and vice versa.

Convert Multiple Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary and Octal Software  v.7.0

decimal to hexadecimal) and the results are displayed in a list which can be saved to a text or Excel file or to the clipboard for pasting.

Binary Viewer  v.

It can display data in decimal, octal, hexadecimal and text (ASCII or Unicode) formats. Program supports Alternate Data Streams (ADS). It also provides functionality of searching within file, copy/paste/save file dump into the file or clipboard.
Program ...

Hexacolor  v.3.0

The program provides quick conversion of color between decimal and hexadecimal values. The program has very simple and easy-to-use interface. Its' main window is organized as a range of tabs for more convenient work. Very useful feature of this application ...

Base Converter  v.1.0

Base Converter is a useful software tool for converting numbers between binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal notation.

You can chose to group the digits or not.You also have a variety of skins to chose from to customize the program.

FontFinder  v.5.99 Build 17

You can display the entire character set with it`s decimal and hexadecimal equivalents. Many different reports with on-screen preview allow you to print a list of installed printer or screen fonts, a single font sample sheet, and the full ascii character ...

EditAll  v.1.5.1

The program allows you to view and edit a file using the text, decimal or hexadecimal format. EditAll displays the complete information about every byte in a file. You can view each of the data type in separate tabs, inside the same window. EditAll ...

Commodore Basic Editor  v.Beta

Basic tools - Find text - Gotom Renumber , Insert Charicters - D64 manipulation, load save rename - Decimal to Hex, assembly frontend.

CMath  v.1.0

cMath is a very simple to use software that can perform moderately advanced math functions, which at this point include: Putting Logs in Y= Form, Solving Quadratic Equations, and Decimal to Fraction Conversion.cMath Features:
1. Putting Logs in Y ...

Abaci  v.

*Decimal and hexadecimal counting.
*Bead colors based on your phone's accent color.

Abaci's free trial includes the soroban and decimal counting only.

Binary_Converter  v.

This app provides a simple to use binary to decimal and decimal to binary converter. Simply enter in the value you wish to convert, select either "To Binary" or "To Decimal" and click "Convert"!

Binary Converter  v.1.0

Binary Converter is a tool used for various applications in digital electronics to perform binary to decimal conversion and decimal to binary conversion. In digital computation, the binary numbers are the numeric codes to represent the decimal numbers.

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