Cbs Daytime Soaps


BIG-CBS Widget  v.1.0

You have just a few easy steps to install and to enjoy the cbs widget. Save the file, open it, follow the instruction and you will see the BIG CBS Widget Icon appears in toolbar below. Set reminder for your favorite shows by highlighting the 'alarm bell'.

CBS Top Stories  v.

This is a Rss Reader for the news feed of CBS top stories, also you can select a certain piece of news to browse the whole news article.


CBS Sports  v.

CBS Sports display sports news using sources from the official CBS Sports website. Users can now conveniently view the sports news without having to go through the trouble of going to a browser.

Express Timesync

Express Timesync supports SNTP, TIME, DAYTIME, LANMAN protocols and has built-in support for SOCKS 4, SOCKS 4A, SOCKS 5 and HTTP proxy servers. You can choose the national time server operating in your region from the built-in list. Express Timesync ...

BellCommander Intercom System

As featured on CBS News, BellCommander is an innovative audio scheduler and network intercom system which plays audio to PC speakers, PA systems, client PCs, and MP3 network audio players. BellCommander is a great low cost replacement for school bell ...

Shuttle FTP Suite

Shuttle FTP Suite is the only Internet Suite that includes so many Internet applications (FTP, Telnet, TFTP, Ping, Whois, Finger, Time, DNS, Daytime, etc..) in one program. It also has a very visual interface (similar to Windows Explorer) that makes it ...

Cord Blood Software

CBS provides sample and patient test management data for cord blood banking. The software provides the final reporting for various aspects of DNA typing and Serological besides the cross matching blood patterns. It has a easy to use interface to track ...

Net Time Server & Client  v.

As Server, Net Time Server & Client will itself provide time services to other computers using Simple Network Time Protocol(SNTP-RFC2030, SNTP-RFC4330), Time protocol(RFC868), UnixTime protocol, or DayTime protocol(RFC867). It can be configured ...

Orban Loudness Meter  v.1.0.2

The software accepts two-channel stereo inputs and displays instantaneous peaks, VU, PPM, CBS Technology Center loudness, and ITU BS.1770 loudness. All meters include peak-hold functionality that makes the peak indications of the meters easy to see. The ...

CoupleBox  v.1 2

CBs integrated media player comes with a range of exciting skins. CoupleBox makes it easy to organize your stuff using Albums, Photo Series plus two separate Collection areas. You can mark items as Faves and back-up your entire collection (encrypted) ...

INet Server  v.3. 2. 2003

Internet Services like SMTP, POP3, DAYTIME, FINGER, and WHOIS.
InetServ is a free, easy-to-use and simple program which supports many Internet Services like SMTP, POP3, DAYTIME, FINGER, and WHOIS.
SMTP stands for simple Mail transport protocol, ...

PC-TV Free Satellite Video Viewer Version  v.2.

Watch Popular Network TV For Free Like NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, BBC, MTV, NASA TV + More. Full Screen Capability. No Spyware or Bots. Just a great introduction to our service with more than 3,000 Satellite Channels. No Obligation to Purchase. Channels Updated ...

The Mentalist Episodes  v.

"The Mentalist" is one of the greatest shows on "CBS". This app is an episode guide for this series and provides easy access to the episode descriptions. Each season is shown which an image of its latest episode. A single click on the season provides ...

Sunrise and Sunset  v.

It shows today's sunrise and sunset times and the remaining time until the sun sets (during daytime) or rises (during night time) for your current location.

You can deny access to the location service and select the location you want ...

Makeup Match  v.

This app uses your eye color to provide you with shades for a daytime look and a nighttime look. Also, the Lips Gallery will give you gorgeous lips to go with those eyes.

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