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RASMaster  v.1 10

RASMaster is a complete RAS connection manager for dialup or DSL PPOE Internet accounts. RASMaster combines an Internet reconnection utility, IP notifier, dialup scheduler, and an Internet keep-alive tool into a single utility.

GovernMail  v.1 22

Representatives around the world with GovernMail. GovernMail features an easy-to-use interface with an embedded browser which allows users to explore government websites quickly.

BellWiz  v.1 10

BellWiz is an innovative scheduling program which plays audio files through a public address system from a standard PC. The program is ideal for playing school bells, fire drill sounds, scheduled voice announcements, and factory shift change sounds.

BellCommander Intercom System

As featured on CBS News, BellCommander is an innovative audio scheduler and network intercom system which plays audio to PC speakers, PA systems, client PCs, and MP3 network audio players. BellCommander is a great low cost replacement for school bell

BellCommander  v.4 11

Innovative school bell, audio scheduling, paging, emergency notification, and intercom system that is used by hundreds of schools, factories, and businesses.

Baby Ace  v.1.0

Baby Ace allows parents to store their favorite memories of their children and to create online baby books. Baby Ace features an easy-to-use interface with an embedded web browser, so linking to related parenting web sites is easy.

AlarmWiz  v.2 23

AlarmWiz is an easy to use reminder program and task scheduler which can play audio (mp3, wav, CD audio), dial Internet connections, send email or pages, perform FTP transfers, launch programs, and more.

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