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XL Delete

XL Delete is a powerful secure delete tool that will permanently delete files using its powerful wipe engine. XL Delete can permanently remove any type of file, entire folders, and even your Internet Explorer and Firefox cookies, history, and cache files.

ContainerTerminal XL  v.1.0

In the game Container Terminal XL, you are the new Terminal Manager. You are in control of unloading and loading containers from and onto deep-sea vessels, in which you must make sure that these vessels are handled as efficiently as possible.
You ...


XL Screen Streamer  v.1 7

XL Screen Streamer allows others to view your desktop online using any web browser. You can share your entire desktop or a specific region of your screen.
With XL Screen Streamer you can instantly create desktop streaming sessions and allow others ...

Easy-XL From MrExcel  v.4.0

Easy-XL From MrExcel adds over 50 time saving data analysis and manipulation features to Excel. It enables casual Excel users to summarize, pivot, join, merge, match, query, categorize, combine, split, slice and dice data like a pro.

Cities XL  v.1 3

Cities XL is a wonderful construction game that allows you to create your own world from scratch with the most sophisticated graphics and architectural content. You can create everything you've ever wanted, including a great variety of landscapes, buildings ...

XL Report Builder

The Program XL Report Builder is a powerful and flexible tool for creating reports of any level of difficulty in the form of the Microsoft Excel Book. XL Report Builder allows to extract data simultaneously from several databases and to form a report ...

XL Fusion

XL Fusion is a useful and simple tool that will merge several MS Excel
electronic tables into one. With XL Fusion, you can process large amounts
of data without spending much time and efforts.

CapeTools QuantTools XL

CapeTools QuantTools XL (Excel Addin) is a financial instrument modelling toolkit for Microsoft Excel. The Addin contain more than 2100 functions for managing, pricing and risk management of fixed income derivatives, interest rate derivatives, foreign ...


XL-DBQuery is a powerful add-in for Microsoft Excel that makes it easy to perform data analysis and reporting. Unlike Excel's built-in "MS Query" function, XL-DBQuery offers an intuitive query syntax that lets users build complex queries, without having ...

Casual Game News Engine

This program displays news of new casual game releases from many different publishers with more publishers being added on a regular basis. It displays the source of the news, the name of the game, a link to learn more about the game, a picture representing ...

MasterEye XL  v.

With the new module MasterSolution Suite XL Manager all computers in the school can be managed and maintained so they are always available for teaching.
Using the MasterSolution Suite XL Manager you can:

- Monitor all computers across ...

Seetrax XL Designer  v.1 7

Seetrax XL Designer is a new and useful software that you must have it on your computers. An easy to use software that you can get it in 3 version: lite version, schematic version and full version.

A powerful software that you can get it for ...

Auto Tweeter XL  v.1.0

Auto Tweeter XL is a powerful but simple to use desktop Twitter app designed to make using Twitter easier and very much more effective, whether you maintain one account or a thousand. Save all your tweets, recycle them, schedule them, spin them, and have ...

Active XL Report Pro  v.

Active XL Report Pro features:
Data grouping without subtotals - now you can use the GROUP option without summary options (SUM, COUNT, etc.). The GROUP option is now extended with parameters allowing cell merging (much like MergeLabels for pivot ...

XL Navigator  v.1 1

XL Navigator is an add-in that allows you to quickly and comfortably navigate and administer Workbooks, Spreadsheets, Names and Links of Microsoft Excel. XL Navigator shows all opened Excel workbooks as a thoroughly organized catalogue that allows you ...

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