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7Artifacts  v.1.0

7 Artifacts is a puzzle game that despite lacking originality, may turn out attractive for casual gamers who enjoy engaging storylines, set in ancient times. The game features a powerful combination: awesome graphics, relaxing gameplay, plus a wide number ...

HeavyWeapon Deluxe  v.1.0

Heavy weapon deluxe it is a classic shooter action game for casual gamers with simple mouse-control, it also has interesting graphics, and easy-to-learn game play. The story is about the communism which is creeping around the globe and only you can stop ...


Band of Bugs  v.

Gameplay is deep enough to be satisfying to established fans of the tactics genre, but friendly enough to appeal to more casual gamers as well.

Band of Bugs features a full story-based campaign,online play, and a level editor that lets you ...

PikGem  v.1 55

PikGem is designed for the casual gamers : very easy to learn and simple to play. There is a lot of fun in the game. The player control a little guy who must collect all gems in levels with various worlds,traps, and monsters. You can take control of ...

Doodle Pool  v.

Calling all casual gamers! Doodle Pool brings the popular billiards game to the fun-loving casual play generation!

Created by the makers of the critically acclaimed International Snooker, Doodle Pool features:

* US 8 Ball Rules
* ...

Neptune - Oracle of Letters  v.1.0

Neptune, Oracle of Letters, is fun, simple and addicting for word-game junkies and casual gamers alike! You’ll have two minutes to spell as many words as you can. A unique scoring system rewards larger words and offers bonus points for adjacent letter ...

Siege Hero HD  v.1.2.2002

"Physics puzzle games have always had a safe home with casual gamers, and Siege Hero is easily one of the best on the entire iTunes App Store!" "As things stand, Siege Hero already represents a genuinely genre-expanding t ...

Ultimate Monster Trucks  v.1.1

Casual gamers can find unlimited enjoyment at , home to hundreds of completely free games for boys. Here you can browse through a constantly growing collection of fun and addictive free games. Everything is conveniently categorized ...

Garfield Goes to Pieces  v.1 25

Garfield Goes to Pieces is suitable for all ages and all levels of expertise since both puzzle fans and casual gamers will find a game according to their own skills.
The game runs really smoothly and its gameplay is fully enjoyable.

Superstars V8 Racing  v.

Game play mode variety is enriched by each own cars' peculiarity and it can be appreciated for the pick up'n play game mechanics, thought for the casual gamers, as well as for the top notch quality of the most experienced ones.

Tinseltown Dreams - The 50's  v.1.0

For the most part, the game consists of the typical match 3 style that most casual gamers know. You need to create matches with identical tiles until the golden blocks disappear from the board. Grouping more than 3 tiles in a go will grant you ...

Frutti Freak for Newbies  v.

This game addresses above all kids and casual gamers. A simple level structure and moderate rise in difficulty across levels provide players with many successes throughout the game. No special installation required. Simply download the game and ...

Massive Assault Network 2 2.0.190bet  v.1.0

Offered as a "game for smart strategic players", Massive Assault Network 2 will not let casual gamers down. Friendly online AI opponents (presented as female tutors) are ready to offer all newbies effective training. This certainly serves as a good experience ...

Space Settlers  v.1.5

Offline upgrade: With complete online multi-task upgrade and manufacturing system, it well satisfies online base construction demand and suits casual gamers.
8. Added two PVE maps and increased the upper limit of building and tech level to 60.

Cake Mania - Celebrity Chef  v.

The Cake Mania series has been played by millions of casual gamers, and critics love it too: Pocket Gamer gave the original mobile version an 8 out 10, and IGN called it "impressive." Now Jill Evans is back and ready for the bright lights in this all-new ...

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