Body Weight Measurements


My Body Weight  v.

Track your body weight, BMI, body fat, resting heart rate and calorie burning or comsumption. Create a target weight and date to help you reach your goals. Get a reminder each day to get your latest measurements. Track your progress using a series of ...

Optimal Weight  v.1.1

Program calculates optimal body weight. Calculations are based on: height, weight, wrist circle, ankle circle, legs length. All result can be saved in text or html files.


MB Health Suite II

MB Health Suite II consists of Body Mass Index, Ideal Body Weight Calculator, Body Frame Size & Ideal Waist-Hip Ratio calculators. These tools are indicative of standards that need to be maintained for a healthy loving.

DeekFit Weight  v.

DeekFit Weight is a tool that lets you keep track of your body weight, set weight goals, follow your progress with graphs, and calculate your BMI/BMR. Get fit with DeekFit!

Updated in 1.5:
-Fixed lockups for metric users
-Smarter weight ...

Body Calculator  v.

Bug fixes for Ideal Weight, BMI, and Metabolism crashing.
Calculators for Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist To Hip Ratio (WHR), Ideal Body Weight (IBW), Frame Size, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Heart Rate ...

My Weight Manager  v.1.1

My Weight Manager helps you to protocol and visualize your body weight. It is helpful when dieting or simply to check your weight for long time periods.There is no need to enter your weight in a specific unit of measurement - you can enter your weight ...

Cheers! Blood Alcohol Calculator  v.2.0

Enter your body weight, gender, number of drinks, and hours drinking and it calculates your blood alcohol level. The Cheers program is in the shape of a beer mug so it looks like a cute toy. It's fun and easy to use. But don't let looks fool you. It contains ...


You give it things like riding speed, body weight, age, The program print out burning calories per hour and total buring calories for you.

BicycleGo  v.1 5

You give it things like riding speed, body weight, age, The program print out burning calories per hour and total buring calories for you.

Water Calculator  v.

Water makes up more than two thirds of human body weight. Blood, muscles, lungs, and brain all contain water. A 2% drop in our body's water supply can lead to many health troubles like dehydration,fuzzy short-term memory,etc. Every cell in your body ...

FA_Calculator  v.

You can use this application to find out the fluid accumulation according to your baseline body weight and current body weight.

JustWatch  v.

This simple smart app helps as a personal tool for you to watch your body weight. Just record your personal data at the first time launch of the app. There onwards record your body weight as and when you check your weight. It tracks the history of your ...

Health Packet  v.

Health Packet is an application that helps you to check if your body weight is correct.

This app will calculate an optimal body weight for You.

Do you want to know you BMI or waist hips ratio? Just download this app.

You can ...

WeightStats  v.

Do you want an application for your body weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) statistics? Do you like simple, but powerfull things, Metro design, no unnecessary and disturbing functions, nice user interface? Then WeightStats application is right for you.

Z-Value  v.

Calculation of the initial setting value (Z-Value) for a ski binding using the weight method (ISO 11088). Body height can be input in centimeters or feet. Body weight can be input in kilograms, pounds, or stones.

The calculated Z-Value ...

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