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Water Intake  v.

The Water Intake Calculator gives you an estimate of how much water you should be drinking in a

Waist To Hip Ratio  v.

Waist To Hip Ratio can be used as an indicator to measure the health of a person.

Ideal Weight Calc  v.

Ideal weight is what a person of a given height and body frame should weigh.

Heart Rate Calculator  v.

Measures max heart rate, your heart rate reserve,

Frame Size Calculator  v.

What is your frame size? Do you have a large frame? Small frame?

Daily Nutrition  v.

Look up common food items and see their nutritional information, percent daily value plus additional nutrients for those items. You can create recipes, add new food items and it lets you keep track of your daily

Body Calculator  v. Bug fixes for Ideal Weight, BMI, and Metabolism crashing. Calculators for Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist To Hip Ratio (WHR), Ideal Body Weight (IBW), Frame Size, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Heart

Basal Metabolic Rate  v.

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator.

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