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InfoPro is an application to manage your bits and pieces of information without having to manage multiple files. It can handle anything from a to-do list to complex notes. You can collect all your bits and pieces of information into a "hierarchical collection ...

Tunnel Hawk  v.1.0

Tunnel Hawk is a simple game in which our Hawk is falling down a drilled out tunnel, dodging drill bits and steel girders leftover from the drill. No one really knows how long the tunnel is, why it was drilled out in the first place, or why T.H. is flying ...


Kitipong  v.7.0

Another game written to test out some other bits and pieces in Slick. Kitipong is essentially a Bejewled clone with a oriental/cat theme - um, just try it to understand! Still a bit of work to do on how new tiles are added - but mostly there and a nice ...

SQLite2009 Pro  v.3. 7. 2009

Main features :
- Encryption Method is now compatible with wxSQLite3 (AES-128 bits) and SQLite3 ADO.NET Provider (RSA-MS Crypt)
- Syntax Highlight
- Hex Viewer
- Dump database to SQL file format
- Unicode Support
- ...

Pdf Encryption: Disallow Pdf Print Copy  v.

Software encrypts documents with 40 bits and 128 bits encryption level and provides option to set pdf open (user) password. Pdf encryption ensures that the only intended recipients can open and use documents, thus prevents unauthorized access. Software ...

Tempo  v.2 12

Tempo is an electronic reminder which functions under Windows (32 bits) and displays notes at will. Like Post-It Notes block but with time management. Once installed, it starts automatically with Windows and is summarized by an animated sand-glass in ...

Pdfcrypt  v.2 2

pdfcrypt allows you to encrypt a PDF (40 bits and 128 bits), set permissions, add user and owner password.
For example you can encrypt a pdf without to allow to print it. The button to print the file will be disabled in Acrobat Reader application.

RSP Encrypt .Net  v.1.0.0

.Net library to encrypt files with a very fast
implementation of AES 256 bits and standard RC4 ,
the AES ( Advanced Encryption Standard ) is
adopted by NIST as an encryption standard to be
used when very strong encryption is required ...

Jar2Exe  v.2.1.6

3) 32 bits, 64 bits and universal binary supported, 64 bits edition of Jar2Exe can generate both 32 and 64 bits exe files. 4) Jar2Exe can generate "Console", "Windows GUI", "Service" 3 types of applications. 5) It supports to pack depended jar files ...

Byte Calculator  v.0.5

Byte Calculator allows you to quickly convert between different measurements of bits and bytes.
The latest JEDEC standards are used:
byte, kibibyte, mebibyte, gibibyte, tebibyte
kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte
bit, kibibit, mebibit, ...

CyberWorm  v.

Goal of the game is to catch up as many bits and bytes ('1') as possible.

The game includes 3 game modes:

-Open World: Catch up as many bits and bytes ('1') as possible (classic game mode)
-In a Box: Same as Open World, but ...

ZebNet Byte Calculator TNG  v.

zebNet Byte Calculator TNG allows you to quickly convert between different measurements of bits and bytes.

The following units are supported:
-Byte (B)
-Kilobyte (KB)
-Megabyte (MB)
-Gigabyte (GB)
-Terabyte (TB)

zebNet ...

ZebNet Byte Calculator 2012 R2  v.4.1.0

zebNet Byte Calculator 2012 R2 allows you to quickly convert between different measurements of bits and bytes. The following units are supported: -Byte (B) -Kilobyte (KB) -Megabyte (MB) -Gigabyte (GB) -Terabyte (TB) zebNet Byte Calculator 2012 R2 is freeware ...

Dates to iCal  v.2.0.2

Bits and bobs by John Maisey ...

PheniX  v.1.3.2

Phenix splits up a file into several bits and reassembles a split-up file. Possible use : to split a large file into smaller files to be sent by e-mail.What's new in this version:- Increased the timeout to prevent the script from stopping while processing ...

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