Beautifully Done


3D Haunted Castle ScreenSaver  v.1.0

3D Haunted Castle ScreenSaver is a beautifully done 3D screensaver that features old medieval castle haunted by the ghosts and evil spirits. In 3D Haunted Castle ScreenSaver the wolves are howling and the wind is blowing as you see the first spirits appear.

Get It Done! DSPP

Overcome Procrastination with Get It Done! DSPP. Try the demo then buy. WIN/MAC Get It Done! DSPP is the unique subliminal message program that uses naturally occurring subliminal PERCEPTION to help you change your thoughts about tasks and projects. They ...


Get em Done ToDo

Get 'em Done is the todo list software for anyone who doesn't want to spend all day just learning how to use an organizer. Unlike other programs that force you to learn a "system" for organizing your life, Get 'em Done focuses on what matters: your task ...

Get 'em Done  v.

Get 'em Done ToDo is only a to-do list. It's not a project management program; it's not a personal database; it's not an alarm application; and it's not a planner.

Get 'em Done is just a to-do list program!
You need a to-do list, not a ...

Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In  v.3. 1. 2021

Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In is an Outlook plug-in that adds a row of buttons to your taskbar
The GTD® Outlook® Add-In marries the power of a great application with the best practices for getting things done.
It's a system that is perfect ...

Been There Done That  v.8 2

Been There, Done That is an affordable help desk program designed for the poor, overworked IT support person on a tight budget. The attractive and easy to learn interface makes it easy to record information about your users, their computers, peripherals, ...

Flashlight done right  v.

Do you need an advanced psychedelic flashlight?
Try it when buzzed or high, priceless!

Flashlight done right allows you to:
- see in the dark with your phone
- adjust the light intensity by scrolling your finger on the screen
- ...

I'm Done Smoking  v.

I’m Done Smoking Counter

I started this app a couple of days after I quit smoking. I use it daily as motivation to prove that if I can stop smoking I can do anything.

While building the main display I purposely left the high precision ...

Get It Done! DSPP  v.1.0

Boost Time Management Skill with Get It Done. Unique brain wave stimulating visual subliminal message mental self help program helps you stop procrastination so you can Get It Done. Demo WIN/MAC ...

I Hate That iTunes Done Chime!  v.1.0

I Hate That iTunes Done Chime! is an AppleScript that changes the sound iTunes plays after importing or converting a track to your choice of a System sound, no sound, or your choice of an AIFF sound. .

ETDR (EduTainment Done Right)  v.1.0

ETDR EduTainment Done Right is a simple swf based program to teach small kids math through visual examples and contains a heavy emphasis on simplicity ...

Get It Done  v.1.0

Finally a way to keep track of the million things that you have to do, without drowning in a sea of Post Its ...

Been There, Done That!  v.8.0

This help desk software allows you to record information about your users, their computers, peripherals, program and problems. Reports can be output to PDF files for e-mailing as attachments.

Mysql Done Right  v.0.24

PHP 5.0+ class for mysqli utilizing prepared queries. This class provides a SAFE, clean, object oriented, and efficient way to do database development. All queries except those with multiple row results return exactly what you need in one line of code.

Smart To-Do List

Smart To-Do List can be used to implement GTD (Getting Things Done). Some of the key features include: Project Based Organization, Tagging of To-Do List Tasks, Prioritizing To-Do List Tasks, Filtering by Tag or Priority, Keyboard Command Capabilities ...

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