Beach Party Game


Beach Party Craze

There's no party like a beach party and there's no game like Beach Party Craze! Cater to the needs of your sun-kissed clients as you manage every aspect of a swanky coastline getaway.

Pocket Party Game  v.

Draw, gesture, and describe your way to victory with Pocket Party Game - a full party game experience on your phone.

Word Wiz, Art Attack, and Silent Suggestions are three classic games all wrapped in one. Draw blind folded, do charades with ...


Computer Repair West Palm Beach  v.1

free puzzle game from Computer Repair West Palm Beach. Fun game for all ages and best of all its free to everyone. Check back soon for another release of our free puzzle games.

Crazy Penguin Party  v.

Addictive and super fun party-game pack. Compete against friends or AI in 2 amazing penguin games, to play on game boards in tournaments of up to 4 players! Use your mouse to control the penguins. Click on the screen to activate the rockets and sweep ...


Challenge your friends in 5 delirious games! MinuteMatch is a multiplayer game with 5 different mini-games, each with unique graphics and gameplay. In this party-game everyone is on the same computer and each player needs just one key to play. You will ...

UBV Volley 2012  v.1.1

The ultimate arcade beach volleyball game is back - now with a shiny new 2012 edition!UBV 2012 is the ideal party game. With three or four gamepads, you can arrange the most hilarious arcade volleyball tournament ever!All players a ...

Christmas Crazy

Do you want a game you and your friends can enjoy together?
Try this fun party game form Vista Games! Christmas Crazy features lots of mini-games for up to four players. Send your letters to Santa, put together the Christmas Tree, pick up wood for ...

Beetle Drive  v.1.0

The classic British party game of Beetle Drive. Play against three computer opponents, throw the dice, and try to be the first to complete your beetle. Beetle Drive is packed with fun features, including high quality 3-D animated graphics and synchronized ...

Charades  v.

A Windows Phone version of the classic party game - no need to write clues on scraps of paper, keep time on your watch, etc.

Updates in 1.1:
* New clues!
* Added the ability to search on Bing to look up information about the clue (thanks ...

Musical Chairs  v.

The classic kids party game Musical Chairs. Hook up your phone to some speakers and setup the chairs. This app will play the music and randomly stop causing a rush to find an open chair.
You can set the max and min times and also select to play random ...

Pass_The_Parcel  v.

This great little app is designed for the timeless and much loved party game - pass the parcel. It plays a great party tume and randomly pauses. Simply press play to resume and it will randomly pause again.

NO more manually finding and pausing ...

FREE Taboo  v.

"Taboo is a word guessing party game published by Hasbro in 1989. The object of the game is for a player to have his/her partner(s) guess the word on his/her card without using the word itself or five additional words listed on the card."

Lets ...

King's Cup  v.

A card game that brings life into any party in its own unique way, King's Cup.

King's Cup is a noncompetitive, party game. There is deck of cards with an original set of rules. Players must gather together and everyone must draw ...

GuessMe Lite  v.

The party game you have been waiting for! This game has three classic games in one - Describe Me, Enact Me and Draw Me.

In Describe Me, you need your team to guess a random word, without uttering five other forbidden words mentioned right below ...

Flaschendrehen  v.

The popular party game for your Windows Phone!

Spin the bottle with your finger and add momentum to it. In which direction will it point?

Version 1.2:
- Mango support

Version 1.1:
- customizable duration of spin

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