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Heavy Metal - FAKK2  v.

Released in August 2000, Heavy Metal truly is a next generation title for the PC and Macintosh. Utilizing the most cutting edge technology available Ritual Entertainment delivers the most stunning 3D action game of the year.

Imagine everything ...

FlashBook Templates for Heavy Metal Style  v.1.0

The heavy metal style templates are created to highlight flash flip books for you. There are three different themes in the package for you to download. They are suitable for many occasions thus as embedding to an advertisement or use to make on-line e-books.


Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 OSX Patch  v.1.0.2c

Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 OSX Patch adds MacOS X compatibility to the MacOS 9 version of Metal Metal F.A.K.K. 2. The Omni Group.

Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2  v.1.02c beta

Genre: ActionAbout Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2In Heavy Metal you take on the role of F.A.K.K.2 - a legendary hero of the multi-verse. Take her on a journey of unimaginable proportions where death and danger lie in the most unsuspecting corners of a world you ...

MAS Heavy Metal E-Commerce Platform  v.11

Ecommerce shopping cart software and content management for UNIX, Windows, and OS X servers; Management tools for eBay,, and Yahoo! seamlessly integrated for true online business marketing and sales. 100% Customizable template driven front-end ...

Metal Head  v.

Heavy Metal news and views ...

AquaJux - The Game  v.1.0

Let's serve the pool supervisor some tricks! He has always the same daily routine - observe him to find out, what he's doing! Then setup some traps! As example: exchange his favorite music cd with a heavy metal one ;) or combine some hair restorer with ...

Iron Maiden  v.

Pioneers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden achieved success during the early 1980s. After several line-up changes, the band went on to release a series of U.S. and UK platinum and gold albums, including 1982's The Number of the Beast, ...

MetalInjection  v.

This is a multi tab feed , where all your Metal needs are taken care of. Straight from the Metal Injection Domain , welcome to the world of Heavy Music with attitude. Relish the new developments in the world of heavy metal , worship your gods!


Metal Angel  v.1.1

Metal Angel is an addictive space shootemlup game in 2D featuring 3 starships, alien war and even scrolling star fields. At start you select your ship. Each ship has its own capabilities in term of speed, power and shot frequency. Then let the alien war ...

Guitar Power Chords - Metal Maiden  v.1.0

It is named Metal Maiden and is part of a wider module covering the so-called power chords, a chord form widely used in rock, modern blues, and heavy metal. In Metal Maiden, you will learn how to apply the palm and stop muting techniques, also very common ...

Star Trek Elite Force II Single Player  v.

I remember this was one of my favorite games growing up and I thought it had awesome graphics at the time. Now, it looks kind of polygonal and it has jerky movement, but you can't compare it in those terms to games from these days. Still, the demo replicates ...

Beatcraft drum machine

Acoustica Beatcraft is an extremely powerful, easy to use drum machine software program for beginners and professionals alike! Its friendly, streamlined interface makes beat generation fast, while allowing your unlimited creativity to pour through. Beatcraft ...

Painkiller - Battle Out Of Hell  v.1 64

As far as the sound concerns, tracks in the heavy metal style of the first part will alternate with melodies according each phase and keeping a good relationship with the theme of the level.

For example, the Russian songs are quite ...

Guitar FX BOX  v.3.0

All of the effects are fully adjustable via a very easy-to-use interface, so you can go, for example, from a soft, bluessy overdrive to a savage, heavy metal-style distortion.

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