Alphabetical Order Sorter


Extract Lines Not In Alphabetical Order Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to extract lines of text that are not in alphabetical order. The extraction results can be saved as text or Excel files.

Sort Dates, Numbers or Characters In Reverse (Descending) Order Software

Sort content of files in reverse alphabetical order.


Sort Text Lists Alphabetically Software

This program will sort the content of your files in alphabetical order. Choose to sort by the first characters of each line or each word found in the file. This is good if you need to sort names.

Password Maintenance

You can automatically click and open any website in your list, keep your website list in alphabetical order, and fill in the password and user id information with one simple button click. This also includes an option to store all your password data on ...

Alphavit game

Press stamps in alphabetical order (a b c d ...). Can you click the letters of the alphabet in the right order? You've got 30 seconds to click from A to Z! .

ABC Typing lesson

The keys of early typewriters were, sensibly enough, laid out in alphabetical order. The impetus for change was not exactly the yearning for blistering speed that has brought us together here today, but rather necessity. Early typewriters were mechanical ...

Alphavit les sm

Help the frog lap up the letters in alphabetical order. Learning games online with alphabet, math, logic and coloring. This is a warm up for the other alphabet lessons. By playing this game. This online alphabet game makes learning letters as easy as ...

Excel Sort Sheets Alphabetically Software

Sort sheets in alphabetical order in one or more MS Excel files. Excel 2000 or higher required.

AlphaPad Software  v.1.0

AlphaPad is a quick and easy notepad utility to help you save lists of text in alphabetical order.
Just click on the A-Z buttons to automatically load the text files into the editing window. All text is automatically saved whenever you click another ...

Cache Reader for Internet Explorer  v.5.0.3

dat file in the Temporary Internet Files (TIF) folder of Internet Explorer 5 or in any other folder selected and presents data as a synoptic table, either in chronological or alphabetical order. It shows the URLs of the pages stored in cache and the dates ...

Sort Text Lists Alphabetically  v.7.0

Sort the content of files in alphabetical order. Sort by entire line or by each word (separated by a space).

How to Export WAB File  v.2.0

With WAB to PST Conversion users can export Windows Address Book to Outlook contacts or in Excel and maintain all converter data in alphabetical order. WAB Conversion Tool successfully supports to convert contacts for Outlook Express to Outlook all version.

Export Outlook Express Contacts to Excel  v.2.0

0 Tool recently launched by SysTools to import all WAB Contact from Outlook Express to Outlook or Excel supplementary feature of this software, WAB Converter reorder the contacts in alphabetical order under specific alphabet heads. SysTools WAB Converter ...

How to import WAB file to Outlook  v.2.0

WAB to Excel Conversion arranged contacts in alphabetical order, WAB to PST Conversion software allows users to rapidly convert Windows Address Book file to MS Outlook 2000/2002/XP (Ansi Format), MS Outlook 2003/2007/2010 (Unicode Format) & MS Excel file ...

JLearnIt For Mac  v.5.0

You can also translate text (word by word) or search for incomplete words, sort the languages to get it in alphabetical order, rearrange the order of the languages, save your score, save as HTML, show only the languages you're interested in. Each ...

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