Activex Traffic Light


The Traffic Light  v.1 6

The Traffic Light is a complete traffic, billing, and accounts receivable package is available for the IBM compatible computer system - the DOS version has been in use since 1988. Recently rewritten in early 2009 as a Windows program, it is designed for ...

Austrian Traffic Light  v.

Austrian Traffic Light helps you to learn the sequence pattern of this specific traffic light. You can also use it for playing with your cars. If you play this in a team you could use several phones to simulate the traffic situation in a city.


Traffic Light Controlling Comparator  v.alpha.0.2

Traffic Light Controlling Comparator (TLCComp) is a simulator of traffic. It is developed from Green Light District ( TLCComp provides three new light controllers: Fixed-time, Fuzzy1, FuzzyN ...

YesTrueGo  v.1.0

The positive decision looks like a green traffic light, while the negative decision looks like a red light. (Besides being intuitive, this can also help increase your trust in your own intuitive abilities, according to psychics.)

This is a ...

Time Keeper  v.

Time Keeper is a simple count-down timer that provides a strong visual image of a traffic light changing from green to yellow to red to the speaker; a bit frightening to some, but the speaker starts off the timer and knows he/she gets a fair deal. Is ...

Wedding Checklist  v.

It uses a simple red, amber, green traffic light system so you can see at a glance which tasks have not been started, are in progress or are complete.

GPS Voice Navigation  v.

* Option to display Speed Cameras (fixed, mobile or traffic light) as layers on the map.
* A different warning alarm screen for each type of camera
* Notification bar showing nearby cameras and speed limit signs
* Speeding warning
* ...

Archery CountDown  v.

Sound signals and "Traffic light" colors to guide your shot sequence.

Enjoy the app and good shooting...

I believe issues rightly so pointed out by Mr. Griffin should now be fixed with the mango update. Please notify me if ...

Quickie  v.

Quickie is a game that allow users to test their reaction times when traffic light in the game turns from red to green. Useful for those who want to test their reflexes.

Light Alert and Presentation Timer  v.1.0

Light Alert and Presentation Timer is a free and open source light timer that is customizable that shows 3 alerts of three color like a traffic light and a progress bar that is not intrusive Very useful for presentations that need to alert the presenter ...

Icons-Land Vista Style GIS/GPS/MAP Icon Set  v.2.0

All icons are divided into categories: Places - various Points of Interest used for marking different places on the maps, such as Hotel, Bank, Hospital, Airport, Gas station (these icons quite precisely depict real objects); Containers - various containers which can be used in GPS tracking applications for cargo and assets tracking; GIS - diverse icons which can be used in GIS applications while working with maps, for example region selection, various coordinate systems and layers; Devices - device icons used for maps examining, for example Portable Computer, Mobile Phone, PDA; Misc - rest of icons, such as satellite, aerial, road signs, traffic light.

Icons-Land ...

Mr. ToDo  v.2 3

Four basic task
'views' can be accessed at any time with one mouse click (traffic
light buttons). These view windows allow you to view Active tasks,
On-hold tasks, Completed tasks, as well as one for All tasks. In each
of these ...

WOT for Opera  v.1.7

Traffic-light rating symbols show which websites you can trust for safe surfing, shopping and searching on the web.WOT ratings are powered by a global community of millions of trustworthy users who have rated millions of websites based on their experiences.

Serio IT Service View  v.5.5.04

* Allows you to check key variables on servers such as Free RAM, Processor Utilisation, the status of installed Services, status of processes running & Free disc space
* Features an elegant red/amber/green 'traffic light' display for device health
* ...

Speech and Debate Timekeeper  v.2.4.1

Visual time signals on a color coded background indicating minutes or seconds remaining using a traffic light coloring scheme.
3. Spoken time signals or tones, including protected minute alerts for points of information in constructive speeches of ...

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