A Mechanic Estimate


Estimate  v.2.02.06

Estimate is a generic costing and estimating system suitable for any trade or profession. It is based on these simple principles: You create a price list. You create a simple estimate by choosing items from your price list and inserting the quantity.

FreeRange  v.1.0

When Jake's father died, the family chicken farm, FreeRange , was initially left to Jake's step brother because Jake was a Mechanic, not a farmer. However, Jake was to be given a small chance to take his birthright so a series of tasks was devised. Jake ...


Developer Program Roadmap Cost Estimator

The Developer Program Roadmap & Cost Estimator allow you to create a roadmap for your developer recruiting activities and a budget estimate. Also includes a Developer Program White Paper and a PowerPoint sample showing an evangelism timeline.

E-Z Construction Estimator  v.4.0

With its drag and drop user interface, creating a new Estimate is a matter of a few mouse clicks. The features and functionality of EZ Construction Estimator rivals other products costing thousands of dollars.

GenuTax Planner  v.1.101.3876

GenuTax Planner is an innovative Canadian tax planning software product that allows you to calculate a reasonable estimate of your tax liability for 2011 and 2012. Future updates will add the ability to calculate estimates for 2013 and beyond.


Drainage  v.6 1

This program will allow the Engineers or Contractors to perform a quick estimate of the required drainage facilities for small construction projects.

The program consists of four parts. The first function is the Runoff calculator. The user ...

Personal Carbon Calc  v.

While this calculator gives a rough estimate of your personal or family’s greenhouse gas emissions
associated with our day-to-day life, the actual footprint is likely to be larger.
For the sake of simplicity, it considers the major contributors ...

TaxCaster  v.

Get a quick estimate of your 2011 tax refund.

Just enter some basic info and watch your refund add up.

“A quick and dirty estimate on your tax return” – Bestof1000.com
“A simple and user-friendly interface” ...

EstiMaker PalmOS  v.1.1a

EstiMaker is designed to help electrical professionals with the estimating/bidding process, letting an estimator create a take-off estimate in, generally, at least a third of the usual time.
Includes database of over 4600 electrical parts, with pricing ...

Shift Scheduler for Excel  v.1 2

That's all there is to it! Will it estimate wages? The scheduler tracks the number of people-hours that you have scheduled in cell B2. If you enter your average hourly wage in cell B3, the scheduler will provide a ballpark estimate your payroll. It will ...

SiteCostCalculator  v.1

This is a FREE sevice and might not be the most accurate data but definitely a good estimate.
How its work?
SiteCostCalculator contains a collection of actual number of pageview from other websites. The visitor data is combined with information ...

SniperFox Pro  v.

This allows to bid exactly before the end of an auction, instead of using only a rough estimate.
* System Tray and Balloon Notifications - the software can run hidden in the system tray, providing the user with balloon type notifications upon important ...

Md5deep  v.4.3

Users are welcome to add functionality to read other formats too! Time estimation - md5deep can produce a time estimate when it's processing very large files. Piecewise hashing - Hash input files in arbitrary sized blocks File type mode - md5deep can ...

ObjectCreator  v.1.0

Drawing Tip: Use the polygon (or polyline) tool to draw a rough estimate of what you want. Then use the selection tool to select individual nodes of the polygon. You can drag them with the mouse, or use the arrow keys to move them pixel by pixel.

Thumpies  v.1.0

Unlike typical rhythm based games, Thumpies uses a mechanic of bouncing in time instead of just a series of notes. One way to describe Thumpies is a rhythm game crossed with juggling. The quirky art design of Thumpies is accompanied by a unique musical ...

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