Software Developed by Sprakelsoft

Yellow Fins  v.1.0

Our tiny yellow hero wants to fly like a bird.

Slot Fever  v.

"Slot Fever" is a Slot Machine experience and it brings Las Vegas to your Windows Phone! It features: ✔ HD graphics ✔ steady framerates with 30 FPS ✔ Lots of fun! And now have fun with "Slot

Shell Mania  v.

Are you tired of losing money at the shell game? Shell Mania can help you! Now you are able to train the shell game on Windows Phone and the best thing is: You wonA?t be tricked! Shell Mania features: ✔ Three difficulty modes ✔ Play with 3-6

Pill Mania  v.

"Pill Mania" is an addictive puzzle game. The goal is to remove all viruses from the screen. To do that you have to rotate and position the capsules on top of or alongside the viruses and other capsules. You can move the capsules via

Phone Invaders  v.

Phone Invaders is a classic arcade game inspired by Space Invaders (TM)! The Phone Invaders premise is simple - enemies approach and you shoot them down as they advance. Four brick structures provide a bit of cover, but if they get too damaged,

Pacific Wings  v.

The mobile hit game "Pacific Wings" (over 2 million installs already) is finally available for your windows phone, better than ever! Pacific Wings is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up and it features retro-style-graphics. The story plays during the

Mister Jump  v.

Mister Jump is a classical retro jump'n'run like Super Mario Bros, Gianna Sisters or Sonic. It consists of 10 levels. If you collect 100 ruby without dying youA?ll get an extralife! And now have fun with Mister Jump! If you enjoy retro-games please

Jewel Mania  v.

Jewel Rotation is a fun and addictive puzzle game. The board consists of four side-to-side layers filled with sparkling jewels. You have a quota to clear a number of specific kinds of jewels. You clear jewels by rotating the layers so that four of

Halloween Heat  v.

ItA?s Halloween and we are providing the perfect game for it. "Halloween Heat" is an addictive match-3-puzzle-game. It features: ✔ Three game modes: Normal, Quick and Infinite ✔ HD graphics ✔ Spooky music ✔ Steady framerates with 30 FPS on

Glow Control Plus  v.1.0

Are you the right person to guide aircrafts to their runway?

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