Windows - E-Commerce


Baggle.Com Bagger  v.1.0

This software lets you save information on items you find while shopping online to a single wish list.

StarWebz WebShop  v.2

This software takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a professional-looking Web site.


PHONE LOG  v.6.0

This software makes logging calls quick and easy. It includes a selectable reminder with alarm.

A QuickEStore  v.8.6

QuickEStore is a very popular Cold Fusion shopping cart with many advanced features. Easily set up and manage an online store with shopping cart functionality. Built-in UPS rates, plus three other shipping options, store templates,

Kix Wholesale Software  v.1.0

Allows you to locate wholesale products and sources online.

Cafezee  v.3.4.12

Manage an Internet caf?with support for prepaid codes, tickets and coupons, support for prepaid or postpaid customers, dummy clients, chatting between the server and client, and recording all other transactions. Cafezee provides inventory management,

Sell - Then - Ship  v.1.0

This program is a free tool for Amazon Sellers. It uses Amazon Web Services to download your orders, and stores the downloaded orders in a mySQL database. It uses USPS web services to print shipping labels, and allows you to send customizable emails.

SaturnManager  v.2.8

This Internet cafe management system provides the capability to remotely lock and unlock workstations, clean out temporary Internet files and cookies, and time a customer's session in either prepaid or pay-as-you-go mode.

Gava Gift Certificate Tracking  v.2.01.02

This software allows retailers to promote their own brand identity via Point of Sales Gift Certificate Tracking. Gava manages all your gift certificates and allows you to offer credit card like gift cards that promote your business.

Vendatron - Easy ASP-Based e-Commerce  v.1.0

This ASP-Based Ecommerce solution runs directly on your Windows-based Web server, editing your site layout and product inventory. Further, Vendatron is a fully modular,

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