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Jukebox Jockey  v.1.2.2011.5.20

Jukebox Jockey is one outstanding touch screen media player for jukeboxes and background media systems. It bridges the gap between combersome DJ program and traditional media players. Our one of a kind software allows you, your guests,

Noisemitter  v.0.50

Noisemitter is a audio player for you to use.


Beam  v.1.2.7

Beam is an Adobe AIR application, can find and listen to your preferred songs. It plays encoded - downloaded files (full quality). Each album is connected with online browser which can be integrated with other social tools. Through a unique coding -

Simple MCI Player  v.0.1.2

A simple MCI player for playing music with the apropriate enviroment. This is a very simple music player that uses the MCI multimedia command string to interact with the device. The MCI interface is fairly strong, and can be very useful.

ATunes  v.2.2.0 Snapshot

aTunes is a strong, full featured, cross-platform player and manager, with audio cd rip frontend. Currently supported formats are mp3, ogg, wav, wma, flac, mp4, ape, mpc, mac, radio streaming and podcasts.aTunes Features: * Mp3 player Reads ID3v1,

MPXPLAY  v.1.59a5

MPXPLAY Audio player v1.58 for DOS and Windows by PDSoft (Attila Padar, Hungary) (currently DOS and Windows versions have common docs)Supported file-formats: AAC,AC3,APE,DTS,MP2,MP3,MP4/M4A,MPC,OGG,WAV and CD player/ripper. Supported soundcards:

Orbita NPlayer  v.1.2.4

Yet another media player. Orbita NPlayer - Multiplayer for performances & large music collections ( It is program implementation of number of CD-players in studio. Using JavaZOOM MPEG decoder,

Odadee Player  v.2.2.8 2011 Titanium

A convenient and strong media player. Odadee Player is a complete yet very strong media player for everyone. Imagine a player that plays almost every format, posesses tons of free tools such as sound recorder, converters,

BBox Player  v.

BBox Player is a FREE music player for the PC that lets you play, edit, convert and manage audio files, rip CDs, and enjoy all the free music to the maximum. An authentic music center with numerous possibilities to take control of almost any task

WDTV ThumbGen  v.1.1.3

WD TV ThumbGen collects and generates thumbnails for the WD TV Media Players. There is no installation needed, just download it, unzip it somewhere on your harddisk and run it!WDTV ThumbGen is a straight-forward software that can help you find movie

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