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Doomsday - Survival Day for Android  v.1.3

Offering a unique perspective for anyone who likes Starcraft Android, DoomsDay is a 2D strategy game combining elements of tower defence, shoot-em-up and fast-paced action.

Jetpack Escape  v.1.0

Our hero got stuck in a laboratory, help him to get out. He has got jetpack on his back, your mission is to lift him up as high as you can, avoiding blocks on his fly. Play and tap more to get to the highest point!


Tiny Ball Vs. Evil Devil For Windows Phone 8  v.

The Tiny Ball needs your help in getting his ship back from the Evil Devil! Play this fun, addicting, and challenging physics oriented game today! Fun new Halloween theme based levels added, some levels now even have double the trouble!

Dodge Invaders  v.

You are the hero of space travelling the galaxy to combat all forms of evil! In your last fight, you were transported to an infinite loop dimension where alien saucers are constantly launched in your direction!

Jelly Monsters  v.

From ancient times, our ancestors had to fight against the invasion of the aliens. They are giant and greedy jelly monsters and the only weapon which are powerful enough to stop them is the catapults.

Tank Rescue Free  v.

Almost no hope for these Town to be delivered. The Black Ribbon Army is powerful and mercenaries are quite efficient. But you and your band of elite soldiers try to stop them. And at this time some of your boys are in a very bad situation. So

Space Traveler  v.

A battle of lonely traveler for returning to home. Game Features: 24 levels, 6 bosses. You can upgrade the gun, laser, fuel and engine to make you ship more excellent. Using energy to launch special weapons. Blink, Front and Shell ultimate

Astro Bacon Free  v.

Ever wanted to fling asteroids at space pigs? Well now you can! In a bid to feed the world’s ever increasing appetite for pork, some science boffins decided to breed genetically modified pigs in space. Unfortunately, the pigs figured out how to

BuggyRacing  v.

This is a race game. you will control a buggy. You haven't a destination, this game is infinite. Now you can change only speed of the buggy. One motion of your finger you can increase speed. Buggy stops independently.

IGI-Shooter  v.

You are captain of the space ship and your role is to protect earth against alien invasion. Take your stand against the alien horde,

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