Linux - Project Management


CPanel / WHM Plugins and Addons  v.1.05

Plugins, Addons, scripts for cpanel / whm, billing systems, plesk, etc.

CSTracker  v.2.beta1

This should be a wonderful web based application to manage/track customer requests.


Dejacode(tm)  v.1.0

dejacode(tm): used code, better than new(tm)

Distributed Peer Review Plugin for TRAC  v.1.0

Distributed peer review plugin for the Trac project management system.

Django Task Manager (DJTask)  v.1.0

DJTask is a simple task and payment manager for small businesses.

DotProject news aggregator  v.2.1.1

A rss based news aggregator module for dotProject (http://dotproject.

Dove - Document Distribution Server  v.0.0.7

Dove is an application which facilitates the distribution of documents to a variety of destination types such as email, local files, ftp, ftps, sftp, tftp, Samba servers, Windows network shared drives and WebDAV servers.

Dynamic COMPAS (COMPAS Dynamique)  v.1.4.3

The Dynamic COMPAS is an electronic system for managing the quality of humanitarian projects, based on the principles of Project Cycle Management and Quality Assurance.

Editor para Entidades Locales Espa  v.0.9.1

eele es un editor de cuentas generales en formato XML para las entidades locales espaA┬▒olas obligadas a la rendiciAln telemA?

Flat File Reporting  v.3.7.4

This project offers Drag and Drop Report Design (via IReports / Jasper Reports)for Flat Files (Fixed Width / CSV / Cobol)

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