Linux - Project Management


ARIZA: Bug/Request Tracking Tool  v.0.9.5

ARIZA is a bug/request tracking tool coded with PHP in an AJAX approach.

BagLock  v.20071020

Ruby on Rails based Scrum backlog tool.


BhPro  v.1.0

bhPro ist ein Programm zum Pflegen von Ausbildungsnachweisen fr das duale Ausbildungssystem in Deutschland.

BSp DDesk  v.1.556

DDesk is a ticket, task and issue management application.

Business Process Illustrator  v.1.1

Business Process Illustrator (BPI) is process monitoring tool.

CODE - Continuous Development Process  v.06.06.07

CODE is Code Development's process.

Commander4j  v.b4

Production recording, labelling and pallet tracking system which can be used standalone or as a resilient front end to a ERP system.

Computer Aided Disaster Management  v.1.0

Computer Aided Disaster Management (CADM) is an application that helps the leader in taking the right actions.

Cornelius Project Management  v.2.0.alpha2

Cornelius is highly customizable web application to manage the common tasks of any company such as project management, task tracking, human resource planning and costs.

Costshare Tracker  v.1.0

Costshare Tracker is a simple program designed to help schools and non-profit organizations manage their federal grants by keeping track of project services and non-federal match contributions.

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