Yahoo Online Status


Realm Status  v.1.0

Realm Status is a small menubar item to quickly determine the online status of your World of Warcraft server. Quick, easy, small. Not bloated like the others, this tiny app is only for one server.

Detect Invisible.Me

me you can detect the real Yahoo! Messenger status of
your friends (online / offline / invisible). It also supports Yahoo!
Webmessenger, Meebo, Pidgin, eBuddy. Besides status, using
you can see the Yahoo! profile, the hi5 ...


SMonitor  v.

A server uptime monitor is a must-have for any business which provides online services to their clients or any other organization which needs to ensure the highest degree of reliability of their networked resources. sMonitor presents a server uptime monitor ...

AIMY  v.2.0

0 allows you, as a developer, to show the current online status of users for the most popular Instant Messaging Clients, including AIM, ICQ, MSN/Windows Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. AIMY 2.0 can be used intergrated with ASP.NET applications, VB.NET ...

Server Ping

Check the online status of your website, servers or other networked equipment. Server-Ping is a program that will allow you to enter an unlimited number of IP or URL addresses of servers, pc, printers any device that has an IP address and ping that address ...

BizPBX - free Phone System for windows

BizPBX is a Free Phone System (PBX) with Skype Trunk and Call Messenger, BizPBX is a Unified Communication PBX with Directory(online status), Conference, Call Record, Voicemail, CRM, Soft Fax, SMS, Internal EMail & Instant Messenger ...

AS iYahooCheck  v.2.0

AS iYahooCheck is a Yahoo ID Status Checker.
This app Created with Adobe Flash CS3 in ActionScript language and with AIR abilities.

you can check Status of Yahoo messenger IDs.
and you do don't need to login for checking other Yahoo ...

MAXA Notifier for Skype  v.1.0

However, if you are not always in front of you computer, you cannot track the online status of individual contacts without losing time and disturbing your concentration.
Instead or in addition to an optical notification, MAXA Notifier for Skype will ...

Mp3-S  v.1.3

Mp3-S is a standalone plug-in for Winamp that shows the song are you playing, in the Yahoo! Messenger status for Windows.Mp3-S Features:
1. You can add whatever text you want in the status.
2. No limit for the status displayed.
3. Custom startup ...

EZ Intranet Messenger  v.1.2.18

Its primary goal is to provide instant messaging service, along with online status notification, file transmission, and real time public chat.EZIM is a messenger for internal communication. It does not need a server to authenticate against to sign in.

VoiceGear Contact Alerter for Skype  v.1.0

VoiceGear Contact Alerter for Skype is a Skype Extra that lets you stay informed whenever your Skype contacts change their online status. Using VoiceGear Contact Alerter for Skype plugin you can enable custom alerts for every Skype status. Anytime your ...

Massive SMS  v.3.8.1

Send up to 6,500 SMS messages with online status, contact lists and send groups.

SAOSX PingGUIn  v.

Ping computers to view their online status. SAOSX PingGUIn is a Ping Software / Net Connection Notifier for Windows. This program can notify when target PC is online or internet is available.

Others Online  v.1.1.2095

Others Online is a browser toolbar for Internet Explorer 6.0 that shows you people relevant to your Web browsing and other interests, on every page you visit. For example, every time you search the Web you will see people relevant to those keywords. We ...

MSN/aMSN Status for Salling Clicker  v.1.5

MSN Messenger and aMSN Status changer for Salling Clicker. Little script which works with aMSN and Microsoft MSN Messenger to change your online status depending on whether you are on the phone/out of the room/having lunch etc...English aMSN only, but ...

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