Xnote Stopwatch


XNote Stopwatch

Multifunctional and versatile digital stopwatch and countdown timer program for your desktop. Features both count-up and count-down modes, alarms, re-sizable display with 'always on top' mode, customizable colors and font, system-wide hotkeys, time "snapping" ...

XNote Timer

Free stopwatch and countdown timer software. Easiest! Features both count-up and count-down modes, alarms, large re-sizable display with always-on-top mode and system-wide hotkeys. Useful at classroom, meeting or kitchen as cooking and egg timer. Runs ...


TimeMe Timer Stopwatch CL  v.

Timer Stopwatch CL lets PC users count up or down, with or without alarms, in a loop or not, and in various display colors and sizes. Works with Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, 2000, ME & 98 PC's. Timer Stopwatch CL is a powerful program, yet simple and intuitive ...

Free Stopwatch Portable  v.3.0

A Simple and fast Portable stopwatch is always available when you need it. The timer counts in increments of 0.01 seconds.

Free Stopwatch Portable is used when time periods must be measured precisely and with a minimum of complications.

Just ...

RicRac StopWatch  v.1.05

RicRac StopWatch is a useful tool for time tracking, will enable you to easily get a desktop timer that also can function as a countdown.
RicRac StopWatch Features:
1. Start, Stop and Reset timer.
2. Countdown option. Specify the countdown ...

T-Minus Timer Stopwatch  v.6.0

Do you look forward to Stopwatch? Now you can count down the time to your first day of Stopwatch! You can play our music or insert your own favorite song! Your anticipation will build as you count down the years, months and days. The Countdown Clock sits ...

StopWatch Plus  v.1.0.4

StopWatch Plus provides an easy way to track time. The time is saved to a time sheet file on your machine or your server, and can be viewed, edited, added to, and printed at will. At any time, the entries on the Time Sheet can be imported over the network, ...

SwiftTec Stopwatch  v.

SwiftTec Stopwatch is a fun, simple and easy to use digital stopwatch. This watch works in two modes: Stopwatch mode that counts up from zero and Countdown mode that counts down from a preset time to zero. This watch will measure time in hours, minutes, ...

Mathiola StopWatch  v.1.0

Mathiola StopWatch is a powerful stopwatch program to measure time intervals in lap, split, and combined modes. Press Start button (S on keyboard) to start the watch, Lap (L) to set the checkpoint time, Stop(O) to stop the watch. Mathiola StopWatch is ...

PocketOne StopWatch  v.1. 6. 2000

A Pocket PC stopwatch and count up/down timer for your Pocket PC. Support Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE/2005 Powered Pocket PC.

Stopwatch with lap times statistics
PocketOne Stopwatch is more than a stopwatch. Besides, it provides ...

Stopwatch & Timer  v.1.0

Stopwatch & Timer is a simple Stopwatch, Timer and Alarm for your desktop, allows you to measure the time, count down time and to set an alarm.Requirements:
* .NET Framework ...

Stopwatch Freeware  v.

Stopwatch is a simple timekeeping software for Windows.Stopwatch Features:
1. Large number display including days.
2. Quite simple interface.
3. Notification icon to prevent taskbar clutter.Instructions
Download and run the installer available ...

Ultimate Stopwatch  v.1.0

Ultimate Stopwatch is a Stopwatch and Countdown Clock in one easy-to-use and graphically pleasing application. You can use user configurable hotkeys to control all the functions of the application, even if the software is not the active software or even ...

Stopwatch Free  v.1.0

Stopwatch for both Count Down and Count Up.Requirements:
* Java ...

Metro Stopwatch  v.

Featuring millisecond-based precision and a sleek interface – “Metro Stopwatch” for your Windows Phone includes a Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, and Lap Timer, all in one package!

Keeps track of time even when your phone is off, or you are ...

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