Woodsongs Time Radio Hour


Old Time Radio Player  v.

Listen to great old radio shows on your phone! Suspense, Dragnet, The Shadow, Gunsmoke, The Great Gildersleeve, Sam Spade, they're all here! Select your genre, then pick a show and start listening to episodes.

New version for Mango supports background ...

Vintage Radio Shows  v.1.0

Receive the latest show from Vintage Radio Shows.com in your Dashboard without using a browser. Activate this widget and get back to your other tasks while enjoying the adventure, suspense, mystery, comedy and romance of radio days-gone-by.New episodes ...


JackStar 7  v.

With over 25,000 podcasts, including internet favorites, olt time radio classics, audio books, you can quickly save a netcast for easy listening. JackStar saves your player location so you can resume wherever you left off.

ClockDummy!  v.2.0

ClockDummy is a great atomic clock that has the ability of telling the time with a nice voice and also enhance your system tray clock. You can add a background image or simply a solid color, change the text color, font and style, enable atomic clock synchronization, ...

Studio365 Live  v.1.35

Studio365 Live allows you to broadcast Live365 streaming internet radio stations to your Mac. Live365 is the largest and one of the most popular internet streaming stations on the Internet. Live365 Internet Radio - Thousands of Free Online Radio Stations.

Anna's Ice Cream  v.7. 3. 2019

The game has two modes to play it available: Story mode and Happy hour. In story mode you have to succeed in each level, representing one ice cream station in the island, until you have served in every station. In Happy hour, you have to sell as ...

Free Talking Alarm Clock  v.

The alarm setting offers a buzzer, FM radio or even music from your own library. It gives you the ability to change the color of the clock display, add your own personal background picture and dim the screen to your likeness. Hear the current ...

TheGoodBook  v.4.3

It even capitalises your entries saving you yet more time. TGB searches for any information in either single or multiple fields. You can enter part words or even single letters. It can sort and save file data automatically either when it is entered or ...

WorshipLeader  v.4.9.4

Rotas: The bane of my time as a worship leader! Rotas can be easily set up and printed out. .

WorshipLeader X  v.4.9.7

Rotas: The bane of my time as a worship leader! Rotas can be easily set up and printed out. .

Radio365  v.

Radio365-Desktop is a stand-alone, desktop application that can essentially replace the Live365.com website. You can use Radio365-Desktop to search, listen, rate, and wishlist any Live365 station -- all without ever opening a web browser.

Radio365-Desktop ...

FFT  v.1. 4. 4136

Select a folder: you can use the "Folder" button or the "Current search folder" textbox; choose a time (1 hour by default) and run search with the "Find" button. The list of the found files is sorted by name and by time. A double-click in the listing ...

Barcode label Pro  v.5.0

) Exchange numbers to words Pirnt Time (day, hour, min etc) Random numerial print Calculations (addition, subtraction, multiply, divide etc.) Exchange figures to barcode Take average Deduct the text from left or right Print labels as much as stock amount ...

Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Edition  v.1.00.5

power on time (days, hour, minutes - if supported)
6. Note: this is for informational purposes only, the value displayed under Windows (after minutes of testing) is more precise
7. the controller device or channel and device location (with light ...

Global Weather 3D  v.2.5 Build 025000

Taking advantage of the most strong graphics techniques using OpenGL, you will find an interactive and exciting experience browsing global clouds in real time (every hour) using two different cloud visualization modes, "real photo" and "colorized clouds".

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