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Super Fdisk Bootable CD

Super Fdisk Bootable CD is a FREE driven disk partition manager of DOS version. With Super Fdisk, you can quickly and easily create, delete, format partitions on IDE/ATA/SATA/SCSI hard disk drives without destroying data underDOS system. Super Fdisk can ...

Fairfield Gear Design  v.7.0.0030

The original DOS version was first released in 1985 and several thousand copies are in use. Building on the design-centric flow of that program, Fairfield is an interactive web application with an enhanced user interface and added features.Use is free ...


The Traffic Light  v.1 6

The Traffic Light is a complete traffic, billing, and accounts receivable package is available for the IBM compatible computer system - the DOS version has been in use since 1988. Recently rewritten in early 2009 as a Windows program, it is designed for ...

4DOS  v.7.50

COM in DOS and Windows 95/98/Me. 16-bit DOS software for any DOS version 3.0 or higher (MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/ME, PC-DOS, Novell DOS, FreeDOS, etc.) The file is both a .ZIP compatible file and a Windows-based installer.

DXSpider DX Cluster System  v.1.54.0

The DXSpider DX Cluster is a linux based, (mainly) perl program designed to provide the same general functionality (and more) as the DOS version originally written by Dick Newell AK1A.

FileVan For DOS  v.2 60

95 alternative to LapLink for users who just want to transfer files to/from their old DOS or Win 3.1 PCs and not pay for extras they don't need. Transfers files between computers through their parallel ports. Optionally placed on 'Start' menu and DeskTop ...

FiSAT II  v.

The Windows version of FiSAT (FiSAT II) is a program package developed mainly for the analysis of length-frequency data, but also enables related analyses, of size-at-age, catch-at-age, selection and other analyses. FiSAT II was developed for computers ...

Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools  v.1.24

The downloadable Data Lifeguard Tools now comes in both DOS and Windows versions and was written specifically for the installation of Western Digital EIDE hard drives. If your computer system already has a hard drive installed with an operating system ...

Active@ Kill Disk  v.6.0

22 M
* Gutmann's algorithm
* German VSITR
* HMG IS5 Baseline
* HMG IS5 Enhanced
* Navso P-5329-26 (RL)
* Navso P-5329-26 (MFM)
* NCSC-TG-025
* Russian GOST p50739-95
* US Army AR380-19
* US Air Force 5020
* One-pass zeros method
* One-pass random characters method
* User defined method (user's pattern and specified number of passes)
* User-defined number of passes (up to 99)Feature:
* Securely overwrites and destroys all data on physical drive or logical partition
* Erases partitions, logical drives and unused disk space
* Supports IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI hard disk drives
* Supports fixed disks, floppies, zip drives, FlashMedia drives
* Supports large-sized drives (more than 128GB)
* Supports Command Line mode (can be run with no user interaction)
* Operates from bootable floppy disk or bootable CD (DOS version)
* Operates ...

Active Password Changer  v.7.0.9

Old operations systems supported: DOS version for MS-DOS, PC-DOS, DR-DOS, FreeDOS, OpenDOS and Windows version for Windows 95 / 98 / ME. Ultimate package includes linux-based Active@ LiveCD, being able to boot on the latest x86 & x64 UEFI secure boot ...

ASTRA - Advanced Sysinfo Tool

The DOS version is especially designed for system restore purposes and may be used by repair professionals, Windows version also available.

Eassos PartitionGuru  v.4.7.1

Bad Tracks - It can check and repair bad sectors for all storage devices;
Delete files permanently - It can delete files permanently so that they can’t be recovered by any data recovery software;
Virtual Disk - It supports virtual disks, including VMware, Virtual PC and Virtual Box;
Dos - It includes a dos version PartitionGuru ...

GinRummy  v.6 7

There is also an MS-DOS version of the game available from the author's web site.

Spectrum Graphics Editor  v.2.00

The Amiga version has become available thanks to the talents of Chris Young who kindly offerend to port over the original DOS version.This isn't strictly a Retrospec game as it was done before Rich joined Retrospec. But here seems a nice place to store ...

Active@ Boot Disk Creator  v.5. 4. 2005

The program comes in two versions: a Windows edition and a DOS edition. The Windows edition allows you boot up your PC and fix most startup and configuration problems. On the other hand, the DOS version is composed of six powerful DOS tools that enable ...

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