Wind Power Generation


Homebuilt Wind Generator Power  v.1.0

Don't even consider homebuilt wind generator power until you read these facts.
As fossil fuel prices keep sky rocketing, so do the costs of the services of industries that rely on burning coal and oil. Power generation is one prominent industry that ...

Build Wind Generator  v.1.0

Build Wind Generator is a wind power ebook about the first steps to build your own power and finally lower your energy bills. You find a step by step instruction and also what material you need. You have to know what pitfalls to look out for and also ...


Windographer  v.2. 4. 2002

Windographer's main window presents a graphical snapshot of the key properties of the data set, and automatically calculates and classifies the wind power density and wind shear for the site.
Windographer calculates the air density, wind power density, ...

Earth 4 Energy Renewable Electricity

Instructions to make solar power and wind power at home. Use this earth4energy guide to make a power producing
solar panels and reduce your electricity bill. Don't pay for your electricity any longer...Instead, the power company
will pay YOU.

Wind Turbines for Final Cut  v.1.0

This app dispenses HD footage of Wind Turbines, the amazing icons of green energy! Perfect for video projects! A portfolio of 43 high impact HD videos makes a great editing resource for video & film projects requiring "Wind Power" visuals. Drag & Drop ...

WindFarm 3D Data  v.4.2.1103

WindFarm 3D provides a 3D-visualisation of the landscape surrounding your wind farm site. Photomontages are an important means of assessing the visual impact of a wind farm, but increasing use is being made of graphically generated 3D-visualisations, ...

WindFarm Demo  v.4. 1. 2021

WindFarm is the most powerful and flexible commercially available system of its type and is an essential tool for your wind farm development. Drawing on many years' expertise gained in aerodynamics and wind farm development WindFarm enables you to analyse, ...

Gridgen  v.15.14

Gridgen is our classic mesh generation software. In a highly automated manner Gridgen generates structured hexahedral grids, unstructured tetrahedral meshes, and hybrid meshes including prisms and pyramids. Gridgen integrates nicely into a design environment ...

QBlade  v.0.51

QBlade is a wind turbine calculation software. The program is seamlessly integrated into XFOIL, an airfoil design and analysis tool. The motivation for this was to create a one solution program for the design and aerodynamical computation of wind turbine ...

WindRose PRO  v.3.1.0

WindRose PRO plots wind roses, minimum, average and maximum values and rays. WindRose PRO is a software for plotting wind roses and other directional data. Data can be loaded as comma separated values (CSV) files or from Excel files. Plots can be saved ...

WindRosePRO  v.2. 3. 1945

A wind rose depicts the frequency of occurrence of winds in each of the specified wind direction sectors and wind speed classes for a given location and time period.

WindRose PRO must be activated with an evaluation key or with a permanent ...

RiskWise  v.

- New generation, code compliant Risk Based Inspection (RBI) software for optimising plant inspection and maintenance
- Evaluates a risk profile for the plant
- Provides run length indexes (RLI) in generic manner covering ...

PowerStar  v.3.10

Powerful PowerVue and PowerStar are both capable of simulating complex multi-level multi-voltage power generation, distribution and load systems. Use them to analyze existing systems or new project design. Great for testing what-if scenarios.

Crazy Dart Shooter  v.1.1

Crazy Dart Shooter is a physics oriented game that requires you aim and measure wind direction. All you've got to do is swipe your finger to release the dart. The position of where the dart will fall is based on location of release and wind direction.

EasyWeather  v.

EasyWeather is an advanced yet simple to use windows software that allows real time remote display of the ProWeatherStation.

It can be used to setup the weather station parameters and alarms. It also is used for data logging and data export ...

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