Who Owns Target Stores


Who Owns What X  v.1.4

Who Owns What creates file listings that are sorted by Owner and Group. You can find out which files are owned by each owner/group in a selected file hierarchy.File owner, group, and privileges of files and directories can be edited.Unix style file path ...

Invoice SI

Know exactly who owns you money and when their invoice will become overdue

Keep track of payments made by your customers

Keep all your previous invoices for future reference
Create sales reports (global or by customer) to see ...


Meracl MD Recorder  v.1. 6. 2005

Everyone who owns a MiniDisc and doesn't have an optic line-out on their computer probably have noticed that when you try to record MP3 files or other various sound files to your MiniDisc it records them as one huge track.
Meracl MD Recorder will ...

House of Wonders Kitty Kat Wedding  v.2 80

Bones who owns a cat in love with his neighbor's kitty. Now, those cats want to get married but since they are cats they don't have any money! So the game invites you to help Mr. Bones and the cute cats to collect money for the wedding by playing several ...

Rodent And Pest Control  v.

This is for anyone who owns or manages a rodent or pest control business.Now you can easily keep track of customers. You can know at a glance what customer owes you money, how much, and when money is due, past due and more. Also know what rodent or pest ...

Simple Pitch Pipe  v.

Are you a choir director who needs to be able to quickly give out pitches to your students? A band or orchestra member who needs to be able tune your instrument at any moment? Or just anyone who needs to play an in tune pitch? Than this app is for you! ...

FusionRetail™ WP7  v.

For restaurateur who wants to speed up the customer service by using a mobile phone for order taking and KOT printing, RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 Touch POS for WP7 is a ready to use mobile application. Unlike other mobile pos it is easy to get started.

Karaoke Song List Creator

Anyone who owns any Karaoke discs will really appreciate
Airwer Karaoke Song List Creator.

SWF 'n Slide Pro  v.1.031

SWF 'n Slide is great for anyone who owns a digital camera and wants to share their pictures with others. Share your slideshows over the web, through email, or burn onto CD-ROMS for easy distribution. In just a couple of minutes you can convert a folder ...

Karen's WhoIs  v.

The application has good functionality to deal with relevant information and gives fair performance, and all the known bugs have been fixed, so you can use it to discover who owns Internet Domain Names, and how to contact their owners.

Smileys for Windows Live Writer  v.1.0

I recommend it to anyone who owns a blog and uses Windows Live Writer to. It is a must have, download it now!

ManageEngine AssetExplorer Agent  v.1.0.8

It gives the complete ownership information about the asset along with the hardware and software inventory information and helps to get a clear picture of who owns what.

AssetExplorer helps to understand the software license compliance and ...

Nanny Shutdown  v.1 2

Or you should logon with a user who owns still time credit. Counters are reset each day.

- You are free to change the content of the spoken messages. Just keep in mind to respect the exact filenames and file type (.wav)

- Tested ...

VideoDesktop  v.

A Client who owns a Internet Cafe is using Videodesktop to advertise the service he provides at his store, by playing some video clips at the background as a Video Wallpaper.
2. Another Client is using Videodesktop to advertise a Travel agency he ...

OpenATC Feeder  v.0.5.19

OpenATC Feeder is a free application for every user who owns a SBS-1 receiver made by Kinetic Avionics.

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