Voltage Drop Calculators


System Sensor Voltage Drop Calculator for Mac OS X  v.3.02.0040

System SensorOCOs Voltage Drop Calculator is a quick and efficient means for developing voltage drop calculations for fire alarm control panels and auxiliary power supplies. It calculates the voltage drops along a System Sensor Notification Appliance ...

Voltage Drop Calculator  v.3.0

Voltage Drop Calculator will perform calculations of electric values. Once some fields are filled with information, it will calculate conductivity, conduit size which can be standard PVC insulation or thin PVC insulation or Nylon Jacket, you can also ...


System Sensor Voltage Drop Calculator  v.3.02.0040

System Sensor Voltage Drop Calculator can quickly plan and model notification appliance circuits (NACs) using the entire line of SpectrAlert Advance notification appliances and legacy devices. It calculates the voltage drops along a System Sensor Notification ...

SOS - Voltage Drop Calculator  v.2.0

Calculate Amperage, Distance, Wire Size or Voltage Drop ...

Voltagedrop  v.1.0

The answers given by this voltage drop program only apply to conductor sizing to limit the voltage drop to a specific value. The actual conductor recommended by the voltage drop program might not be the sized required by the NEC for continuous loads, ...

HPP-Calc  v.1 1

HPP-Calc provides a quick and efficient means for developing voltage-drop calculations on fire alarm control panel circuits. It calculates voltage drops along a specific fire panel circuit by analyzing each device on the circuit and determining if enough ...

Electrical Toolbox  v.

Calculations include:

* Voltage Drop – Calculator provides voltage drop and voltage drop percent for single and three phase loads on copper conductors.

* Motor Information – Calculator provides the motor full load amps and locked ...

All Charts Pro  v.

Features include: Conduit Fill, Voltage drop, Motors, Cable support, Elbow dimensions, Wire Ampacitites with derating, Grounding tabe and Conduit spacing with knockout diameters.

Users can also capture screen shot for sharing.

Electrist  v.1.34

You can also enter any conductor properties and accurately find the voltage drop.
Size 3 phase systems with the load calculator. Enter any number & configuration of delta or wye/star and 3 phase, line-to-line, line-to-neutral, and/or centertap-to-neutral ...

ElectroDroid  v.

ElectroDroid is a simple and powerful collection of electronics tools and reference; it includes:
• Resistor color code decoder (3-6 bands);
• Ohm’s law calculator;
• Reactance calculator;
Voltage divider;
• Resistor ...

Resistor Calculator

Calculate the color code of a resistor based on the resistor value. Of course, you can also provide a color code and the program will show you the resulting resistor value. Additionally the closest resistor within the E series as well as within the Renard ...

Panel  v.2.0

Once component sizes are set, the project data can then be optionally analyzed by the Elite Software Short (short circuit analysis) and V-Drop (voltage drop calculations) programs. After any adjustments to the design are made, panel schedules can then ...

LiteCalcs  v.

What you can do with Lite-Calcs:

- Enter and save project information
- Select and edit parts from the parts catalog
- Calculates voltage drop
- OHM's Law Calculator ...

CableCalc BS7671 17th Edition  v.5.0

CableCalc BS7671 will calculate and check for voltage drop, disconnection time, fault current, earth fault data, overload and short circuit data in five easy steps producing detailed print-outs for each calculation.

PowerStar  v.3.10

Powerful PowerVue and PowerStar are both capable of simulating complex multi-level multi-voltage power generation, distribution and load systems. Use them to analyze existing systems or new project design. Great for testing what-if scenarios.

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