View Programs Simultaneously


Stock Startup  v.

If you need to start several programs simultaneously, this program can be useful to you. Using Stock Startup it is extraordinary easy to create a package from programs and to start it. You can use Stock Startup completely free. ========================== ...

WinTiles  v.1 2

We know you'll say, thank you WinTiles!

Desktop organization of multiple programs
-Rotate windows to choose best layout and increase window sizes!
-Choose window positions to select from best possible layouts
-Cascade your desktop windows
-Tile your desktop windows
-View programs simultaneously ...


WebcamAMP  v.1 4

People will enthusiastically join into busy webcam websites and programs, they will even invest money to do so. But they will put little or no thought into making it easier for their viewers to know them. Whether you have a webcam or not, webcamAMP provides ...

Open Menu+  v.1. 5. 2005

It has a Vista style quick search that allows you to search through your programs in realtime, you can access it right from the top of the menu. It can also be used as a portable software and you can also carry it on your flash drive. You can use it ...

Synei Startup Manager  v.1.1

Most of the programs you install today or already have installed tend to automatically start when your computer starts. Imagine how hectic it is for a computer to start hundreds of different programs simultaneously. You'll definitely notice a decrease ...

WinTiles Plus  v.1 2


-Automated desktop organization of multiple programs.
-Rotate windows to choose best layout and increase window sizes!
-Choose various window layouts.
-Cascade/Tiles your desktop windows.
-Drag and drop, cut ...

MediaU Radio Player  v.

Multi-station pre-recording: setting a recording schedule for different stations, mediaU Player will record the programs simultaneously.
8.Programmable player: programming the player to play stations automatically at anytime you want.
With easy ...

TEPHD  v.12.2.7

The toolbar can be toggled off under the VIEW menu.When a log is opened or created, there are three normal view modes: "Entry View", "List View" and "All View" (a combination of Entry and List views). You can easily switch between these views using the ...

Argus Boot Accelerator  v.1.0.02

The main cause of a slow boot process is not a 'cluttered' or 'fragmented' Registry, but all the little programs, drivers and helper services that are installed intentionally and sometimes even without you noticing, and are all started at the same time ...

Fake Webcam 7  v.

You can even use it with multiple programs simultaneously.

Hide Programs

Any program which you install adds items to the Start Menu and the Add/Remove Programs List in the Control Panel. Using this Control Panel applet, anyone who has access to your computer can view which programs you have installed on your PC and un-install ...

Remove Programs and Features Entries Software

Delete unwanted or old uninstall listings found under Programs and Features in Windows Control Panel. There is a feature that recommends which entries should be removed. This software also works with the Add/Remove Programs in Windows XP and below.

Easy View - Crystal Reports Viewer  v.1. 5. 2005

Easy View is a great low cost solution for distributing and viewing your Crystal Reports files (.rpt). It is the only Crystal Reports Viewer you will ever need.

With Easy View there is no need to purchase an expensive copy of Crystal Reports ...

PCL View / PCL Print SDK  v.9 6

Option II is a 100-unit license for PCLView and/or PCLPrint programs that combined can Index, Search, Retrieve and View or Print PCL to any Windows printer driver.

The PCLTool SDK is available in five powerful options:

Option I is a ...

Start Menu Frequent Programs  v.

Can edit the run count for frequently accessed programs in the Start Menu. Start Menu Frequent Programs can be used to view or modify various start menu shortcut information typically referred to as "User Assist".
This information is used to determine ...

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