Very Costly


Emoze  v.

For the past few years, this type of service has been available mainly in a very costly package and mostly restricted to specific hardware and software platform, limiting mass-market adoption. emoze removes such barriers with a free, simple, flexible, ...

Unite Call Center  v.2.0

Unite Call Center comes with built-in Call Conferencing which removes the need for complicated third party conferencing services which are very costly. Managing conference call is very easy and you can add people to conference by dialing their Skype ...


AVGO Free iPhone/iPad/iPod to Computer  v.1.0.0

Enjoy Incredible Savings

Most of us purchased our iPod music collection from Apple Store and losing these files is rather frustrating and very costly. AVGo Free iPod to Computer Transfer program not only saves you from that depressing ...

Very Nuts

Very Nuts is a crazy funny free downloadable game you simply have to play. You are an acrobat squirrel. There is
not a stunt you would not perform for those golden delicious nuts. You will get fired from cannon to get to high
laying nuts; youll ...

Very Funny Foosball  v.

Very Funny Foosball is an interesting foosball game for free. The goal is to score the most number of goals out of nine balls. Press and hold up to two of the keys listed below and move the mouse or press the arrow keys to control the rows of players.

Very Secret  v.1.0

Members of the Very Secret Order of Creatives Understanding are everywhere. Or anywhere. Usually at the same time. The point is, we're always watching.

This observant screensaver will serve as a companion through all your good times and downtime.

MoneyToys Very Simple Loan Calculator  v.1 7

The MoneyToys(tm) web site calculator collection has grown again with the addition of a Very Simple Loan Calculator. The MoneyToys collection contains 12 financial calculators which you can easily add to your web site and is available for only $139.95 ...

Very Easy Invoicing  v.4.0.0

Very Easy Invoicing is absolutely the easiest invoice or invoicing software on the market designed for home-based and/or small business management. Its simplistic modular design is perfect for the user that needs to track important information without ...

Very Simple Network Scanner  v.

The Very Simple Network Scanner does a Ping Scan and simply reports all device IPs it found. Ping Scan and simply reports all device IP's it found.
When initially started VSNS retrieves the current IP to make it easier for inexperienced users and ...

Very Quick Note  v.

A very simple note taking application with three different note sheets. Designed to get you taking or reading notes with maximum of one swipe after application launch. Saves all your changes and opens the last sheet automatically.

Castles, A Very Peculiar History  v.

Whether you're planning your first seige, building a fortress or just looking for a way to escape the peasants below, 'Castles: A Very Peculiar History' is full of tips, tricks and horror stories from the castle-building trade. We can't all match up to ...

The 60s, A Very Peculiar History  v.

The 60s, A Very Peculiar History' is a nostalgic celebration of those gloriously giddy years. Filled with fascinating trivia and quirky facts about the Swinging Sixties, David Arscott uniquely explores what made the sixties so different and how the decade ...

Vampires, A Very Peculiar History  v.

Dragged from the deepest, darkest depths of the 'Very Peculiar History' vaults, this book collects tales of terror, morbid myths and frightening facts that will chill you witless. Introduced by everyone's favourite bloodsucker, Count Dracula, 'Vampires: ...

Whisky, A Very Peculiar History  v.

Whisky, A Very Peculiar History' takes a sideways look at this most inebriating beverage from its simplistic origins to its pride of place in the drinks cabinets of the world. When Henry VIII disbanded the monasteries and let those brewing monks out into ...

Very Easy Email Program  v.0.3.1

A very simple gui-based email send/retreive client written in Java. Designed specifically for use over a dial-up connection. Allows messages to be previewed and deleted without downloading from server.

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