Using Xml Database


XML Database Adapter  v.rc.alpha

To develop an XML database system to manage XML documents using a relationaldatabase as a backend.

Ashpool - XML Database  v.1.0

Ashpool is a lightweight XML Database written in Java. It is designed to query table like XML documents and has a built in JDBC driver. (Saxon Inside) ...


Sedna Native XML Database  v.64

Sedna is a native full-featured XML database management system.

XML Database Mapper  v.0.1

myXDM(XML-Database Mapper)is a mapping tool between XML and Database. It can parse XML format data and save it into Database, query data from Database and transform it to XML format data.

Eye-catching 3D Gallery using XML  v.1.0

All images ,description(tooltip) and links are can change from XML; Package includes: FLA; Opens with: Flash 8, Flash CS3; AS Version: ActionScript 2.0; Viewable with: Flash Player 8 and above; ...

Access to XML  v.3.0

Access to XML database converter tool is powerful MDB to XML exporter program that quickly export MDB to XML and Accdb to XML format including Access tables with all records in just few simple steps. MS Access to XML database conversion software helps ...

XFlows  v.3.0.1

XFlows is an XML and XSLT integrated solution, it helps you to create complex scenarios, transforming a set of files with XSLT, publishing your result into a remote server, exporting and importing data from your database using XML Files, converting your ...

BaseX  v.8.2.3

BaseX is a light-weight and high-performance XML database system and XPath/XQuery processor, including support for the latest W3C Full Text and Update Recommendations. It supports very large XML instances and offers a highly interactive frontend. BaseX ...

Access To Xml Convertor  v.4.0

PDS Access to XML Converter tool finds best solutions to convert access database to xml format. Effective XLS to XML converter software scan whole access database and successfully convert to xml file. PDS MDB to XML Conversion software takes only few ...

Cross-Database Studio  v.7.0

Cross-Database Studio is a single comprehensive and integrated working environment to compare, synchronize and replicate across databases.
Using Cross-Database Studio you can compare, synchronize and replicate data and structure across any database ...

XML UI Builder for Airplay SDK  v.

XML UI Builder Tool is a developer command line tool for Windows operating system
(Mac OS X version available too). It can be used to create user interfaces (.group files)
in Mobile applications development with Airplay SDK, using xml user interface ...

XML Based Tree Menu  v.1.0.3

This project is about Editable XML based Tree Menu with its XML Database Editor. This project is user-friendly, easy-to-use, easy-to-edit, fast and flexible. Mainly, the user be able to easily navigate a site with potentially hundreds of links.

XML Literate Programming System  v.

Framework for literate programming using XML written in C++. Boost, The STL and Patterns are used extensively. All platforms which support Boost will be supported.

XML Banner Rotator with Control Arrows  v.1

Hight quality component, using XML file to load data's and configuration. Support any kind of pictures and unlimited number of pictures. Dinamic loading resurces giveing the best loading time. Very well documented and very simple to configure.

FullXML  v.1.0

0 is a Content Management System developed based on XML, but also using ASP, JavaScript and VBScript. The data are stored in an XML database.
The development of Fullxml has been started by John Roland around the year 2000, later others have joined ...

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