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DefaultMail  v.2.2

DefaultMail allows you to set a per-user default email client that is used whenever the user clicks on a mailto link or otherwise initiates an email (MAPI) feature. Unlike the standard XP configuration, this tool allows each user to set their own default ...

GuildFTPd  v.

The application comes with a 'default' group already created for the user.

Now the program helps to add a new 'user', or keep the 'default' user that is ready to use.

For this new 'user' (default or created) the application enables ...


Win7 Start Orb Loader  v.1.1.1

If you already have set your start orb, it will be displayed as an icon labed 'User default'. Available start orbs are uncompressed 32-bit bitmaps with ARGB channels whose dimension is 54*162 when 100% DPI 125%, 66*198 when 125% DPI 150%, 81*243 when ...

CloseWin  v.1.1

-m message Message to display to the user (default "System will be closed.").
-r PCname Specify the remote computer name to shut down or reboot.
-t seconds Time-out period in seconds (default 20).If you run CloseWin without any parameter ...

NetConnect OCX  v.1

Opens the default internet connection as the user default settings. Opens the default internet connection overriding the user default settings. Closes the default internet connection. Detects whether and reports when a connection to the internet is made.

PrefEdit App  v.2.2

It is capable of visualizing the complete search path and priority of user default settings, exactly imitating the view each Mac OS X application has on the preferences database.The program consists of three components which are tightly integrated with ...

SharePoint Site User Directory  v.1.3.514.2

Do you need an easy to use source of user's information of SharePoint? Or have you needed to find people and expertise within the company for experienced assistance?
Site User Directory web part allows for a display in navigational tree view either ...

User Picture Enhanced  v.1.0

Change your default user display picture with this tool. User Picture Enhanced has the capability to add and remove the default user display pictures. It adds pictures by using a screen-shot tool that can be re-sized. There is also an option to import ...

Default Printer

Default Printer is an utility which helps you to switch your active printer fast.
There are many different printers - black and white laser, color ink-jet, color laser and others. Even fax is present in the system as usual printer. The idea behind ...

Nevron User Interface for .NET  v.2016.1

Nevron User Interface for .NET (Win Forms) has a remarkable render quality and speed, rich and powerful docking library, professional and extensible command bars and unique features, such as skinnable forms, rich-text labels, modern fill effects (glass, ...

Vista User Time Manager

Vista User Time Manager lets you specify when exactly and how long the computer can be used and define users which will be allowed to use the computer without any limits. You can schedule time intervals and the number of hours each child can use the computer ...

Perfect User Icons  v.2012.1

Perfect User Icons is a collection of attractive stock icons for developers of software applications and websites. The set includes 48 icons representing people of various occupations (police officer, administrator, web designer, copywriter, worker, engineer, ...

Free Lepide User Management  v.10.12.01

Lepide Local User Management is one such proficient software that can assist you in administering all the user account present within the domain in the most simplified manner. With the help of this software, you can also reset the local user password ...

User Account Manager  v.4.0.9

User Account Manager (UAM) simplifies the management of user accounts in Microsoft networks. UAM manages the account through its complete lifecycle, from creation -moves - changes and finally deletion, all without the need for complex scripting knowledge.

User Profile Manager  v.2.0.2025

User Profile Manager gives you control of the way Windows manages user profile data on your workstations.
With User Profile Manager you can:

Share profiles
Assign a single profile to a group of users
Specify that users and groups ...

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