Usb Matlab Interface


M-Audio USB Quattro  v.1.6

The Quattro USB audio interface is perfect for any application that requires portability and high-quality audio. Itls designed to run on AC-power in order to drive the same high-end components found in the company's acclaimed Delta PCI audio card line.


AQUALAND GRAPH Nx enables diving data stored in memory with CYBER AQUALAND Nx
to be transferred to a personal computer using an infrared communication interface or
communication unit (USB communication interface). Letters and numbers can be ...


Hokuyo Toolbox  v.0.17

This is an C++ and Matlab interface driver for the Hokuyo laser range scanners.

Unitor 8 Preference Pane  v.0.8

This is a preference pane that allows configuration of the Emagic Unitor 8 USB midi interface.

SharpDevelop  v.4. 1. 8000

This can be useful for those who need an interface that doesn't use much memory like Visual Studio. The program is small. Code Completion (similar to intellisense in Visual Studio) helps the programmers in completing the lines.

M-Audio Ozone  v.1.7.4

Thatls why we designed the revolutionary new M-Audio OzoneSthe worldls first audio interface keyboard. Itls an all-in-one USB audio interface and USB MIDI interface, mic preamp, MIDI control surface and keyboard thatls no bigger than a laptop. Combined ...

SetMaker  v.2.0

Featuring an intuitive graphic user interface, SetMaker allows users to store song titles, styles, tempos, lengths, and more. It is also the FASTEST way to create and print out Set Lists for any occasion. Whether youre a gigging musician, a worship leader, ...

AbelCam  v.4.4.3

Configurable caption text with optional time and date display and
Image overlay with transparency support

Plugins available for X10 and K8055 (USB IO interface)
you may write your own Plugins to integrate your requirements ...

MixVibes HOME  v.

- USB Audio interface included

A High-Fidelity compatible USB 2.0 Audio Interface is included with the software. This interface provides an extra output to monitor your tracks through headphones to execute perfect transitions between ...

Bitstream 3X Configuration software  v.1 5

Bitstream 3X is the latest MIDI controller from Wave Idea, discover here its amazing features :

-35 knobs - 8 sliders - 16 buttons
-Dual axis analog joystick
-Ribbon controller
-Endless encoder
-Foot switch input
-7 ...

Bitstream 3X Remote support for Reason  v.1 2

The Bitstream 3X is a useful automation functions for on stage or studio purpose. Those functions allow you to make some tasks easier in order to focus on the music, among which you have a LFO, an advanced arpeggiator that you can use to generate amazing ...

CANopen Configuration Manager  v.1 4

The CANopen Configuration Manager works best with:
- CPC-USB CAN Interface
- CPC-PCI/PCIe CAN Interface ...

Sunny Data Control  v.

- Direct communication with the inverters (without Sunny Boy Control) via RS485 or USB Service Interface.

MyFlix  v.3.0

Quick, accurate and easy frame accurate MPEG videoediting, navigation and analysis tool featuring: scene change detection, professional level editing and the most complete MPEG navigation weve ever seen. This release has new VCD capabilities, new editing ...

NeoSynth Patch Editor  v.1 1

NeoSynth is an audio/MIDI expander available as an expansion board for CME keyboards (UF and VX series). It provides high quality audio instruments and effects and adds great sonic possibilities to CME keyboards. This software allows an in depth access ...

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