Unix Command Practice


Gifsicle for Linux  v.1.60

Gifsicle is a UNIX command-line tool for creating, editing, and getting information about GIF images and animations. Gifsicle is a software that helps you edit GIF animations. FEATURES: TE Batch mode for changing GIFs in place. TE Prints detailed information ...

CHMOD Calculator

This small piece of software was coded for figuring out the permission numbers to use with the unix command "chmod". Using is qite simple, you just have to check group permissions that you want to allow, the permission script takes care of the results.


RemOcular for Mac OS X and Linux  v.0.9.0

remOcular provides a AJAX web interface to Unix command line tools like traceroute, top, mpstat remOcular provides a AJAX web interface to Unix command line tools like traceroute, top, mpstat, ... The tools are integrated via a plug-in interface. remOcular ...

HAlarmX  v.1.5

Alarm monitor for tcp/ip (ping and port test), disk (file size change, file exists, number of files in folder) and system issues (execute unix command). You can add multiple alarms with mail alerts, scheduling options and commands to do (launch app, document,URL ...

ManOpen  v.2.5.1

ManOpen is a MacOS X GUI application for viewing Unix manual pages, which are the standard documentation for Unix command line programs, programmer libraries, and other system information. It can open files directly or be given titles, in which case it ...

BeNicer  v.2.0

A simple but handy little script to set the priority of your (and other) processes through the 'renice' UNIX command. (e.g., perhaps you would like Classic to get less processor time, etc.) Requires MacOS X 10.1 or later. Full AppleScript source included.

Commando Maker  v.1.0

Commando Maker lets you create a GUI interface for vitually any UNIX command or script.A simple drag and drop interface lets you add as many or as few options as you want and you can specify where to send the output, console. terminal etc. TESCONET.

TailDash  v.1.6

tailDash is a Dashboard front end for the UNIX command tail.It allows the user to select which log file they are viewing and the refresh rate of that log. The viewer window is also resizable to the user's needs. protagonist.

Radmind  v.1.4.1

A suite of Unix command-line tools and a server designed to remotely administer the file systems of multiple Unix machines. For Mac OS X, there's also a graphical interface.At its core, radmind operates as a tripwire. It is able to detect changes to any ...

Dharma - Visual Source Safe Client  v.11b

Check-in, check-out, and history for Visual Source Safe projects from Emacs and the Unix command line. Another reason never to leave Emacs.

PHP file utils  v.1.0.0

Friendly php unix command-line file utils like cp and mv with progress bars and resume copy.

Xmlfy  v.1.5.5

xmlfy command is a strong yet lightweight tool that primarily caters for converting ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16 or UTF-32 based output into XML format on the fly and dealing with common issues associated with this kind of transformation. xmlfy can be invoked ...

AquaGrep  v.1.1.1

AquaGrep is a Mac OS X front-end to the Unix grep text search utility. Grep's powerful and versatile text search features, its speed and itsstraight-forward working principle have made it one of the most heavily-used Unix command line tools. publicspace.

SleepWatcher  v.2.0.5

SleepWatcher is a command line tool (daemon) for Mac OS X that monitors sleep, wakeup and idleness of a Mac. It can be used to execute a Unix command when the Mac or the display of the Mac goes to sleep mode or wakes up or after a given time without user ...

Oxygen O2  v.1.2.4

Oxygen O2 allows Mac OS X users to utilize the powerful UNIX tools without having to memorize, or even look up UNIX commands. Oxygen O2 not only runs the useful UNIX calls, but formats their returns into clean, and easy to read columns, as well as couples ...

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