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North India  v.

Match North India's rhythms to your heart, its colors to your mind, and find a travel experience that is yours alone. Northern India like no other. Friendly, warm, welcoming ... and uniquely your own.

This App provides you with rich experience ...

WizFlow Flowcharter

It is uniquely tailored for very easy use with little or no training required. Wizflow allows you to work with a single object or a group of objects, drawing boxes or symbols of many shapes and connecting them with lines of various types. You can enter ...


EDGE Diagrammer

Uniquely tailored for easy use with little or no training required. Create any type of block or flow diagrams. Use built in shapes and arrowheads or create your own. Contains all the features of expensive packages such as full zoom, OLE connectivity, ...


Panic is a uniquely simple puzzle game. The aim of the game is get the combinations of fruit requested but also avoid triggering unrequested combinations. With 2 board sizes (junior and senior) , over 90 levels and Relaxed 'No Pressure', Against The Clock, ...

Tams11 Ur

The object of the game is to move all 7 of yours chips from start to home. Landing on your opponent's chip will move him back to home. It is very similar to backgammon. Needs the Tams11 Lobby(found at http://www.tams11.com) in order to play against others.


AccelMan is a modern and uniquely multipurpose file manager: you can use it as a regular file manager; as an ACDSee-style images viewer, that supports 40+ formats; as a bookmarks storage; as a playlist editor; as a media player (23 formats); as a functional ...

PSTCompactor - Home Edition

Email matters - don't let Outlook destroy yours. Shrink Outlook email up to 38% (PST files), improve performance and stability! Avoid the 2gb limit at which Outlook corrupts your email leaving it inaccessible!

Simplify your PST file management ...

Easy ScreenCapture ActiveX

This control let you capture screen in 5 ways in yours applications :
Full screen, Active window, predefined region, manual region and specific
window and getting instant result on disk and in memory.


Everything that you earn remains at yours. You pay for a program license just one time only. Monthly payments are excluded. You are able to reach the maximal range of internet audience (up to 100%). PayPal compatible! New ActiveX Version 2.0!

Email Archiver

However, if yours isn't in this list you can easily add it by selecting the web mail services option. Archive your emails as you view them by simply selecting the transfer button followed by the archive button.


Are you a professional ? It offers you a lot of smart and quick tools and lets you to create yours. Before going further: remove any idea related to music being difficult or composition being impossible to learn without 10 years of study. If you follow ...

Another Happy Thanksgiving Wallpaper

The joy of fresh harvest and the fun of the celebration, the wallpaper uniquely capture the feel of the event. Download and intsall this must have free animated wallpaper for celebrating the joyful moments of Thanksgiving.

Fractal DRAW PRO

Which offers you an uniquely intuitive method to visually shape attractive fractals just in a click-and-drag way! It is an easy-to-use and wonderful program for graphics designers, video producers, and fractal artists to create brilliant visual effects!

Flin4cell 2006

Software for the modern collector studied for yours hobby and able to manage every kind of collection like DVD, CD, Telephone Cards, Coins, Film, Movie Music, Stamps, Wines, Books, Postcards, Dolls, Barbie, Games, Stones, Swarovski, Jewels, Recipes, Banknotes, ...

My Talking Calculator

Are you looking for a talking calculator which can talk in your own voice and your own language,it is yours.You can teach it to talk.It is a tiny,beautiful,easy to use calculator. Input from keyboard or from Clipboard.Display the input and output in the ...

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