Uml Visual Paradigm Linux


UML2OWL  v.1.0

The software supports Visual Paradigm (XMI2.1), Microsoft Visio 2010 (XMI1.0) and ArgoUML (XMI2.1).
UML2OWL Features:
1. Transformation of UML 2.0 into OWL Ontologies (Protege support)
2. Fast and relieable: supports Visual Paradigm XMI 2.

PureBasic  v.

Pure BASIC is a Basic based language application for easily programming and modify open source basic projects, and creates stand alone executable applications that run under Windows, Amiga and Linux Operating Systems. The program develop eight hundred ...


Visual SourceSafe for linux(unix)  v.1.0

This project is used for linux(unix) user who wants to access MS sourcesafe via in linux(unix). This program is a classic C/S program, both side is written in java language. Total classes is less then 100K. Hope it helps you!

Navicat Essentials for Oracle (Linux) - Oracle Visual Query Builder  v.10.0.8

If you are looking for supporting various file formats in Import and Export together with other advanced features like Data Modeling, Visual SQL Builder, Data Transfer, Data and Structure Synchronization, Backup and Batch Job Scheduling. Navicat for ...

UML StateWizard Pro  v.1 62

Just like Visual C++ ClassWizard, UML StateWizard provides a UML state machine programming mechanism in portable standard C/C++ for cross-platform program developement including Linux,Windows,embedded systems developing and simulating. After embedded ...

UML .FRI  v.

UML .FRI is visual diagram editor. It's aimed towards diagram types commonly used by people involved in IT.

Main Features:

Currently, it's possible to create and edit:

- UML class diagram

- UML object diagram

Unipro UGENE for Linux  v.1.11.4

Unipro UGENE for Linux is a free visual software solution for DNA and protein sequence analysis. UGENE provides customizable tools for visualization, analysis, annotation of genetic sequences. Features: Integrated tools Multiple sequence alignment ...

Pacestar UML Diagrammer

Creates UML 2.0 diagrams quickly and easily. Develop, document, and communicate your designs in a systematic yet flexible commonly understood notation. Supports activity, class and object, use case, sequence, state, package, and component deployment diagrams, ...

Html2image Linux  v.2.0.2014.1228

Have you ever wanted a solution for converting html to image on Linux? Html2Image for Linux is a command line tool that can convert html to image on Linux platform.

html2image linux now solves this problem. It is a standalone tool package ...

MQ Visual Browse  v.1 5

The MQ Visual Browse application allows users to view messages in a queue of a WebSphere MQ (formally MQSeries) queue manager and presents the data in a simplified format similar to a database utility or spreadsheet program.

MQ Visual Browse ...

Visual Prolog  v.7. 3. 7303

Visual Prolog is a multi paradigm programming language based on a logical language Prolog. The goal of Visual Prolog is to support industrial strength programming of complex knowledge emphasized problems.

Visual Prolog is a very powerful and ...

Visual CSS QuickMenu  v.8. 1. 1981

Quickly design script enhanced pure CSS drop down, and tree style navigation systems in a full visual environment!
Design and publish advanced pure CSS based web menus in a full visual environment.

-Visual design for Windows, Mac, ...

Visual Parse++  v.5.0

A sophisticated visual environment is provided which allows complete design of parsers without coding. Generated lexers and parsers will run on any platform, including Windows 95/98/NT/2000, SunOS, Linux, and more. New to version 4.0 is XML support.

MDG Integration for Microsoft Visual  v.4. 5. 2007

MDG Integration brings the best of UML 2.3 to your favorite IDE MDG Integration brings many of the benefits and rich modeling power of Enterprise Architect and UML 2.3 to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. Intuitive navigation and editing of the model ...

MQ Visual Edit  v.1. 5. 2001

The MQ Visual Edit application allows users to view, manipulate and manage messages in a queue of a WebSphere MQ (formally MQSeries) queue manager and presents the data in a simplified format similar to a database utility or spreadsheet program.

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