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Fortres Time Limit Manager  v.4.0.362.8

Fortres Time Limit Manager provides a convenient and reliable method to implement custom Usage Policies for public access computers, such as currently deployed in public libraries. Also the program enables all necessary infrastructure to display a Usage ...


If you are concerned your child may be spending too much time online or playing games -- or you don't want him/her to use your PC when you're either asleep or away from home -- this type of software offers a solution. It allows you to set limits on how ...


PC Time Limit  v.

Do you know that computers can be a real pain for your kids ? Sitting for a long time in positions that aren't natural for their body can strain their hands, wrists, back, and eyes. If you are concerned your child may be spending too much time online ...

PresenTense Time Client XP/2000/2003/7  v.4.2

PresenTense Time Client is a network time client for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. It synchronizes your PC system clock to a network time server or local GPS. Supports e-mail and SysLog alarms, redundancy and and can be remotely managed by LanTime Analyser.

Time Stoper  v.1.0.3

Time Stopper is a tiny utility which eliminate the time limit existing into trial software usage period.

Time Stopper works with any software executable file and practically will extend the trial period of the program for an unlimited amount ...

MyDefrag  v.4.3.1

MyDefrag is a disk defragmenter and optimizer (a maintenance utility to make your harddisk faster) for Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 2008, and for X64. It is freeware, no time limit, fully functional, no advertisements. Fast, low overhead, with many ...

ELimit 2.0.3a  v.1.0

eLimit is an easy-to-implement, user-friendly piece of software designed to help you monitor and limit user time on internet from your home PC(s). Once you have set up all the users accessing the PC(s) in your home, you can then set maximun daily or weekly ...

Pixfer  v.1.0

Download from a single storage card to your PC, rename your files, and automatically organize them into folders for FREE with no time limit or annoying ads. Or, purchase an inexpensive license key to transfer from three storage cards at once, verify every ...

TimeShoot  v.0.97

Time Shoot is a fast paced 3D shoot-em up.
You must destory all the balls as they bounce around the terrain within the time limit.
It features Physics and a terrain engine that is never the same every time you play it.
The levels become increasingle ...

NotMyNumber  v.

Basic pricing:

Time Limit Minutes Texts Price
1 Hour 60 0 2.99
1 Day 120 0 4.99
1 Week 240 0 6.99

1 Hour 60 100 4.99
1 Day 120 200 7.99
1 Week 240 200 10.99


Geocache Lite  v.

Now you have a fully functional app, but with time limit popups.
Some users claimed they were having issues with trial so we changed trial.

- You can now search for caches!! (as requested by users)
We added a download page, where you ...

Tap Test  v.

The primary goal is to see how fast you can tap the button within a challenging time limit. Tap your way to a high score and submit it to our leaderboards and be known around the world! Players have the option to sign up and create an account to submit ...

Missing Numbers

You can select any or all of the operations to ask from, set time limit, and enter answers from keyboard or from multiple choice answers. To improve your basic multiplication and addition skills you can play the missing numbers game with numbers 1 to ...

Saturn7 screensaver

Full functional OpenGL screensaver without time limit. The best place to relax is space. More then 60000 object will appear on screen at same time. Allow changing for better view: Rock count in the rings, Speed of rotation, Camera position, Sun rotation, ...

Forum Porxy Leecher

Get more than 30,000 fresh and unique proxies a day;
No time limit, enjoy it in your lifetime;
Support different type of forums;
Support scanning accessories;
Pretty user interface and easy to operate;
One year free updates and technical.

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