The Little Mermaid Avatars


Ariel Disney's The Little Mermaid

You control either Ariel the mermaid or her father, King Triton. In Ariel's adventure, Triton has been kidnapped, and vice versa for the Triton version. To help you make your way through the four stages, you have the ability to call upon friends like ...

The Little Calorie Deluxe

The Little Calorie is a diet diary that helps you count calories both what you eat and what you lose by exercise. The Little Calorie is a very god software for people that want to get an overview of their training because of its easy-to-use interface ...


The Little Calorie  v.6.0

The Little Calorie Deluxe is a health and fitness program for people that want to take control of their weight and training. The Little Calorie is an excellent program for people that want to lose weight in a controlled speed and in a fun way. A very ...

The Little Dutch Moose  v.10.1

The Little Dutch Moose plugs those holes. Figuring that the infected system is no friend of yours, when The Little Dutch Moose finds a site that is attempting to contract your server with a worm-like or virus-like command, Little Dutch Moose immediately ...

The little crane that could  v.1.1

The little crane that could...The iOS hit makes its debut on the desktop, setting new standards for advanced physics simulation games.As Lisa Whitt puts it in her review:`It is creative apps like this that keep me on the mac app store not bad ports of ...

The Little Sub  v.

Take a deep sea exploration with two alien Scribbles and their Little Sub in a treasure hunting adventure. Collect loose coins along the way, while dodging the various sea creatures in the deep waters.
Make it far enough and hit the treasure ...

The little b modular modeling language  v.rc

Little b is a Lisp-based language which allows scientists to build shareable, reusable mathematical models of complex systems based on shared parts. The initial focus is molecular and multicellular networks.Project web page: ...

The Little Skunk in the Forest  v.

A peaceful day in a beautiful forest? Not anymore - a mischievous skunk is there!
Tap the skunk tail and spray as many passers-by as you can. Fourteen fairy tale-like
levels with sympathetic animal characters and three levels of difficulty.

The Little Witch Game  v.1.0

Simple, small, Java Applet game, designed for low-powered computers. Its a 2D adventure type game where you collect ingredients to create spells, battle monsters and rescue your friend.

Mermaid Adventures The Frozen Time  v.1.6

And of course the little mermaid Alice have to wake up her friends and save the frozen Sea.

And good sorceress Turtle will help them in there journey.

- 80 various levels
- immersive beautiful graphics
- fascinating ...

Flounder  v.

Monkey puzzle of disney's favourite fish, Flounder, from the popular animated series "The Little Mermaid." Try solving it using the minimum number of moves as possible.

Grey Olltwit's Pairs  v.

Includes characters from the Simpsons, Flintstones, Lion King, Little Mermaid and Winnie The Pooh. Includes Uninstall facility.

An amazing, easy to install, easy to play educational game perfect for your children.

Mermaid (Merry Fairy Tales)  v.

Multi Language Story: Spanish, French, English

Re-discover the classic tale of the brave little mermaid, with a new twist! Once, there was a brave and beautiful sea mermaid who fell in love with a human…

Read the words yourself, ...

Mermaid (No Ads)  v.

Re-discover the classic tale of the brave little mermaid, with a new twist! Once, there was a brave and beautiful sea mermaid who fell in love with a human…

Read the words yourself, or choose to have the narrator read aloud as you ...

Little Green Button  v.2 6

The Little Green Button is a small icon which floats over your other applications on your PC screen. Simply double-click on the button to request assistance from your colleagues. Once the alarm is activated, all computers on the network (with ...

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