The Incredible Machine Free


The Lean Machine  v.

The Lean Machine quality and material management software. The Lean Machine provides 27 integrated modules that include document control, corrective actions, quality audits, supplier quality, non conforming materials, customer complaints, inventory control, ...

Igor - The Time Machine  v.1 7

'Igor - The Time Machine' is a game in the same genre as Boulderdash and Supaplex and will be the most challenging game you have played in ages. It requires a sharp mind to play and a genius to finish.

In short, Igor is a puzzle game. Your job ...


Uncle Julius and the Anywhere Machine  v.

'Uncle Julius and the Anywhere Machine' is an enjoyable game for people of all ages in which you have to follow clues to find Uncle Julius who disappeared mysteriously while he was working in his lab. To find him, you need to solve a series of puzzles ...

Sound Machine (Free)  v.

The sound machine allows you to choose how long to play the sounds, or let it play all night long for restful sleep.

As each sound plays a background is displayed to reflect the mood of the sound. You can also have the background run ...

The Joke Machine  v.2.0

The Joke Machine fetches jokes off of the web, filters out the banners, and displays the joke on the screen. iPhone and REALbasic consulting services. Pariahware, Inc. offers consulting services using REALbasic for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, and Objective-C ...

The Brookshear Machine  v.1.0

The Brookshear Machine is an implementation of the language described in _Computer_Science:_An_Overview_ by Glenn Brookshear. The program is implemented in Java as an applet which may also run as a stand-alone application.

The Wolfram Machine Project  v.0.01

The Wolfram Machine project is an effort to create a set of documentation and useful modules (both hardware and software) for a computing architecture based on the mathematical theories presented in Steven Wolfram's book _A_New_Kind_of_Science_.

The Time Machine - Trapped in time  v.1.0

Travel in various times, in extraordinary places, to find all the pieces of the Time Machine and to restore the order in the space-time!Devastated, Professor George Einwin committed suicide. The day before his death, his young assistant Filby ...

The Time Machine  v.1.2

To know the reasons of his death, Filby goes back to the Professor's laboratory and discovers a strange spherical machine, which seems partially dismantled.
Filby reactivates it and is thrown in time and space, against his will.

Help ...

Mind Machine Free  v.

Mind Machine uses rhythmic sound and flashing light to alter the brainwave frequency of the user.
Mind Machine can induce deep states of relaxation and concentration.
The experiences have been compared to those obtained from meditation.

The ...

The Staking Machine

Free evaluation Staking plan software. Detailed guide on each staking plan. Main features include : import/export data. Automatic Updates - No need to ever reinstall our software. 13 Back Staking Plans and 3 Lay Currently included. Advised Next Stake ...

Scream Machine Free  v.

Scream Machine is a fun app that you can use to play pranks on your friends and family. Arm the phone and place it in a strategic location. Enjoy the laughs when the unsuspecting party triggers a scary sound from your phone! Configure many options such ...

The Stock Game Free  v.

- Overview page, win/loss now always in relation to the preferred currency
- Overview page, more clearly display
- Passwordrecovery repaired
- Fixing a lot of issues mentioned in the chat
- Minor bug fixes
If you don't like ads ...

The Signals Machine  v.1 2

Trade the Forex market with this profitable and easy-to-use system, whether you're a beginner or advanced. Includes revolutionary features such as one-click trade entry, voice notifications and protection from news events.

The iDo Cookbook - free  v.

Delicious recipes made from simple ingredients! This mouth-watering bouquet of flavors will satisfy cooks from the beginner to the gourmet chef. Discover the adventure and romance of sharing home cooked meals in your own cozy kitchen. May all your memories ...

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