Terra Futebol Ao Vivo


Oi FM  v.

Com ele, você ouve a rádio ao vivo de qualquer cidade e interage com a programação. Liberte os seus ouvidos e baixe agora. Diferente de tudo o que você já ouviu.

Rádio Atlántida  v.

Opção de escolha do sinal ao vivo ATL de POA ou Floripa.
2. Opção de play/stop do sinal ao vivo.
3. Playlist das rádios.
4. Áudios dos principais programas da ATL em cada cidade.
5. Twitts dos comunicadores da ATL.

Em breve, ...


FuTile  v.

*Adicionado Media Player com vídeos ao vivo das rodadas
*Diversos acertos segundo feedbacks recebido

Changelog 0.9.1
*Adicionadas Propagandas, Se afetar a usabilidade irei tirar na próxima atualização!

Fonte dos dados: ...

In Vivo - King's Knight Demo

In Vivo is an epic action-RPG with a classic fantasy background. You are a shepherd going to fight against the evil that threatens the kingdom.On your way you will pass through the dark lindworm woods packed with orcs, fight deep in the mines of moradin ...

AO Photobook Creator  v.2. 5. 2001

AO Photobook Creator is a software for windows platform which you can create photobooks.

You can directly order your photo book through the software and do not need to have the files copied and bring to a retail shop to have it processed. Your ...

Dr. Regener Landkarte Vivo  v.

Regener LandMap Vivo for creating your own maps even without own data. GPS enabled without extra charge, create own true scaled Landmaps. The Vivo technology is the real key revolution for this version, aereal and satellite fotos and roadmaps loaded ...

ViVO IE  v.3.0

A newer version of the original Vivo Internet Explorer with more productivity.

AO Reminder  v.2 2

AO Reminder 2.2 is a tool which has features to support many types of scheduling tasks in one go. With AO Reminder 2.2 one just need to set their events in the tool and it will remind of the task just in time or before the time of the event. AO Reminder ...

Terra Explorer  v.

Terra Explorer revolutionizes the mobile web browsing experience for Windows Phone 7. It introduces search as a central theme in the browsing experience. The concept is based on the way some people prefer to explore the web - by searching first, then ...

Terra Noticias RSS  v.

Ésta aplicación fue creada para todas esas personas que estan interesadad en mantenerse informados de todas las ultimas noticias de "Terra Noticias" ...

Dr. Regener LandMap Vivo  v.10

Create own true to scale maps, store online maps locally with Vivo techology, map editor, dataexchange with Google Earth by Copy and Paste, GPS enabled coordinates, import of free OpenStreatMap data and GPS Exchange and GPS logger data, compatible with ...

Altera Terra  v.0.0.4

Altera Terra is a Civ-like turn-based strategy game, mainly designed for easy extensibility. Still in the first stages of development, there already is a version you can take a peek at.

Terra Tenebrae  v.0.0.1

Terra Tenebrae is a free (as freedom) multi-Players RPG game based on client/server technology. The assets used are in licenses CC0, CC-by, CC-by-sa or GPL.

TERRA Link  v.1. 5. 2001

Simple free program for CMH3000/MMH3000 CATV Headend control, two base units max. Unzip file to temporary directory and launch installation program. Remark: you must have interface adapter UD10X for use this programm. TERRD? Link has addressing capabilities ...

Abhibhavak Organizer: As if Guardian in Life (AO)  v.3. 2. 2001

This user-password
enabled 20-user package, AO, satisfies the need for management of many longer-term
task-reminders on such a daily rather than an instaneous basis. Naturally, AO also
waits for an answer (Y/N user-response) about whether ...

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