Talking Tom Cat File Java


One Cat File Manager

Side by side file management - up to four directory panes, easy multiple file renaming, powerful thumbnail viewer
and editor for pictures and video, quick access to navigation history, directory synchronization, file cataloging, start-
up program ...

Java DB  v.10. 5. 2003

The Java DB maintenance release is now available for download. Java DB is a free, fast, robust, full-featured pure Java database that fits in a 2.5MB JAR file. Java DB adds bug fixes plus message localizations to the features introduced ...


Java Bluetooth Media Distributor  v.

Platform independent software that tries to discover bluetooth devices and where possible sends them a file.Java Bluetooth Media Distributor Features:
1. Continuous searching for devices
2. Sending any kind of media(file) to devices
3. Simultaneous ...

Silenzio  v.1.0

An Italian talking face written in Java.

Java file uploader applet  v.1.2

Works at all popular browsers, OS (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc) and supports any standard file processing script on server side (PHP, ASP.NET, etc). JavaPowUpload provides a lot of advanced features such as * Multiple files and folders selection * Drag-n-drop ...


JXHTMLEDIT is a cross-platform WYSIWYG HTML/XHTML content authoring tool, a very small Java applet based on the Java 2 Platform. JXHTMLEDIT provides word processor-like user interface that allows to edit the document directly in the final form (as will ...

Ant Commander For Mac  v.1 4

Ant Commander is a fully configurable file manager.

Several file systems are suported: file, zip, ftp, webdav, etc.

Several kinds of panels are available: directory table, directory tree, text editor, image viewer, html viewer, command ...

Skype Voice Changer  v.2.2

If you have ever played "Talking Tom" on iPhone or Android smart phone, you would probably know how Skype Voice Changer works. It will change your voice pitch to be female voice or male voice in Skype call, and you can make funs of your friends with ...

JiBX  v.1.2.5

JiBX is a tool for binding XML data to Java objects. It's extremely flexible, allowing you to start from existing Java code and generate an XML schema, start from an XML schema and generate Java code, or bridge your existing code to a schema that represents ...

EMailer  v.4.0

Personalize on any field in the imported CSV file. Java Version available, which runs on any OS that supports Java like Windows, Linux, Mac etc.

ExiProcessor  v.2012.03.22

It uses the open source Java-based library EXIficient ( as the EXI parser. In essence, ExiProcessor is a command-line interface to EXIficient.ExiProcessor can help people learn about the various EXI encoding and decoding ...

Java File Splitter and Joiner  v.1.0

Java File Splitter and Joiner help you split and consequently join files with just a few clicks.Requirements:
* Java ...

Talking Cat  v.

Talking Cat is 3D animated cat that talks and repeat what you say. You can poke, pet or tickle him and he will respond.

- Talk to the cat and he will repeat everything you say with a high pitch voice.
- Pet him to make him purr.
- Poke ...

Java data object persistence in file  v.3.1.0b1

Make java data object persistent in file system whithout database. Between serialization in file and database. Cache your data model in file. Manage more objects than memory can contains ...

Java File Integrity Checking - ChkSum  v.1.0

A similar to Tripwire, file system integrity checking tool but develop in java and cross platform. This tools checking and source control using check sum algorithm like MD5, SHA and CRC.

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