Summary Report


WJ III Compuscore and Profiles Program  v.2 1

The Summary Report, produced in either English or Spanish, contains a brief narrative description of the individual's test performance and incorporates observations from the Test Session Observation Checklist. The Summary Report and Table of Scores can ...

BacktestingXL Pro  v.7.0.3

Each report has seven tabs:
- Summary Report - the most important backtesting results in a compact form
- Data Series Report - trades, equity and profit/loss dynamics displayed in tabled and chart formats
- Trades Report - trades grouped ...


Personal Timeclock  v.4.7

For example, if you categorize your projects as business and non-business, the summary report will give the hours and percentage of time spent in each category. This is the figure that you need for IRS form 4562 Depreciation and Amortization, lines ...

Password Expiration Notifier  v.

Administrator can receive the summary report to the specific email ids. Administrator can define the notification task for any specified target (Domain, an OU, Group, Set of Users).

Proactive password and account expiration auditing solution ...

Express PC Audit Tool

In a matter of minutes, you'll get:
* Summary report showing hardware configuration and installed software.
* Detailed view of system hardware including: processor information; memory configuration; disk drives/storage; ports/input devices; ...

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Pst Repair  v.4.5

The Preview of the software gives a detailed summary report of all recoverable items (mails, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and journals).Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair also supports recovery of lost PST Password and helps to Split large PST File.

JiJi Password Expiration Notification  v.

Send Custom Email Notifications to Users,Managers and Admins Send password expiry warning message to users Send Password Expiration Notification to Manager Send Password Expiration Summary Report to Admins Daily Calculates Password Expiry Date of Users ...

Invoice Creator  v.2.10.40

The Invoice Creator will support you in the secure and precise bookkeeping of your cash journal and support you with an advanced sales tax summary report. Update-Service Online. Your installed Invoice Creator frequently checks for updates from invoice-create.

JiJiTecnologies Password Expiry Alerter  v.

Send Custom Email Notifications to Users,Managers and Admins

Send password expiry warning message to users

Send Password Expiration Notification to Manager

Send Password Expiration Summary Report to Admins ...

CenterONE  v.3.77.233

Main features:

MCC Structure and Unit Design
- Define global MCC variables
- Create new units/sections
- Display unit data in three convenient views
- Unit-Data
- Nameplates
- Heater-Elements
- Order new unit/section hardware kits
- Resequence all unit ID numbers in spreadsheet format
- Automatically place all units in sections
- Rearrange MCC layout using 'drag-and-drop'
- Add shipping splits to a completed MCC layout
- Add pull boxes to section(s)
- Add 600A vertical bus to section(s)
- Perform a 'Final Edit' on a completed MCC layout
- Automatically add appropriately-sized heater elements to units
- Add user notes corresponding to entire workup
- Add neutral connection plates to sections
- Add vertical and horizontal neutral bus to sections

- Generate script files for use with AutoCAD
- MCC Detail and Front Elevation
- One-Line Diagrams (using IEC or NEMA symbols)
- French and Spanish support for AutoCAD script files
- Create an MCC Summary report for entire ...

EasyMileLog  v.1 1

When you want to know your total miles, just plug it into your computer and print the summary report which can be handed to your accountant for your taxes - or use it yourself with your own tax software. If you ever need to see a trip, look at the detail ...

ClearSight Analyzer  v.7 2

Main features:

- Application-centric analysis that automatically analyzes application flows with intuitive drill down to identify the root cause of performance issues
- Real-time application performance monitoring with alarms for problem identification
- Time-based analysis for trace files up to 4 Gigabytes to quickly identify relevant packets for the application-centric view
- Real-time statistics, bounce charts and reports for flows on single or multiple segments - to see issues quickly
- Video and voice call status, QoS analysis and playback
- User customizable summary report
- Supports ...

SpaceMan 99  v.3. 3. 2002

It also provides you with various reports like Summary report (which shows number of scanned files/folders, number of duplicate files and total size of scanned and duplicate files), detailed folder size report (lists all scanned folder with their sizes) ...

BeCyPDFMetaEdit  v.2 37

With BeCyPDFMetaEdit, you can edit any of the metadata embedded in a PDF document. Besides, you can add information that is not already available in the original file, such as new keywords, bookmarks, or page labels. You can also customize the transition ...

IEP Assistant Pro  v.1.0

Create 5 different progress reports, 2 feedback forms, a graph, a documentation form, accommodation summary report and IEP at a Glance. IEP Assistant Pro is design to assist you in creating an IEP in any program used to create IEPs. It is a
companion ...

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